How is work in your area ?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Aug 18, 2007.

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    For myself its been a disgustingly slow year thank god for the gov't job I have or I would be in the poor house. The 03 Ford I bought isn't paying for itself what so ever. The contractors I know have no work the sawmills have no work the one mill guy I haven't seen much of. The other mill says its dead slow. It is frustrating I'am not making any extra money :cry:

    The idea of making the rubbish removal business go flopped one of my competitors he sold his truck couldn't make a go of it. The other guys with regular P/U trucks that do clean up jobs can't be doing much.

    The construction has slowed down considerably the realestate market has too no building lots are being sold. The one landscaper company I know is busy doing maintenance work. The owner is so frustrated fighting people for money.

    The poor summer we are having is killing the tourism anybody that relies on the tourism dollars will be suffering.

    I would like to go back to working in the dirt again but that doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon. I can see guys getting laid off because the lack of work. The equipment payments will be hard to make some of these contractors have bought new equipment. A few of the contractors that have been serving the area for 25-30 years are advertising for work which is a bad sign that the work is drying up especially if they have to advertise for work wanted.

    A person I work for part time said the work is like a hard-on it doesn't last very long :laugh:
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    I thought I wasn't busy because I had one week that was slow. I looked at the numbers for this year and they are very close to the same as last years monthly grosses. I am having to work harder at getting work, but that's ok. I had one week with no work and then the phone rang and I got 4 jobs from 230pm-5pm that same day with one bid in process for 35k. It is a great time to test my creativity, increase my skill sets if needed, be more flexible...........I will be around next year and the year after........
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    I think people around here put too much faith into this boom is going to last. It moved too fast and too quick now things cost allot more to do. The cost of property climbed fast to the point is too expensive for most people.

    Myself I can't beleive I haven't got any calls for work except for one customer. No calls to haul lumber I was getting quite a few loads of that nothing now. I haven't pizzed anybody off or over charged people :confused:

    I have a steady job now but I don't really like the job but I have no choice I got to stick with it. No other work out there. I don't want to go back into landscaping there are too many complaining homeowners out there now more than there was when I was in the landscaping business. People hire you to clear some land by hand then they complain that your charging too much.

    I never really did lawn mowing but mainly heavy grass cutting with brush cutter people were never happy. Then they expect me to mow their lawn with a Stihl brush cutter.
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    So move already!

    You post this same thread about every month. If the well is dry, drill somewhere else.

    Seriously, though, make sure you are concentrating your energy and efforts on the things you can actually do something about - your circle of influence, not on the things over which you have no control - your circle of concern. That might mean moving somewhere that has work, or selling everything and saving up for a year or two, or going to school to learn new skills.

    Work here is pretty good right now, although when I end up with nothing to do for a couple days it is easy to fall into the trap of worrying or just ignoring it when I could be out doing something about what I can do. I can call people, drive around and look for stuff going on, meet new builders, or even just brainstorm about new ideas or directions to explore.

    If you can handle the heat you are welcome to come down to North Alabama; there's enough for everybody down here.
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    Not that i will say that I told you so, I will only remind you that during one of the thousands of responses to one of your threads I mentioned that when considering things to get into for income you have to look at its income generating potential. It takes making a lot of money (gross dollars) to equal some money (net dollars). I did not see how doing cleanups and making runs to the dump for contractors or homeowners was going to make any amount of money even gross money. Even when times are good, it would be difficult to make any money doing that. You maybe be able to partly blame the local economy up there, but I also suspect your business plan sucks (sucked). You cannot often get lucky enough to throw a shingle out and make money hand over fist. It takes careful thought and planning and some capital and a lot of hardwork, and lastly drive. Even then, some times sh!t just does not work. You have to roll with it. However, from what little I really know about what your doing up there, drop the garbage runs and put some real thought into what your going to do.
  6. Dirty Water

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    If GR had any of the above he wouldn't be in that town right now.

    There are some people meant to be owners, and there are others meant to be employees
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    There's a couple mexicans down here that have a big single-axle truck, with a flatbed and steel sides that probably holds 18 or 20 yards. As far as I know all they do is cleanup. They make money, which I surmise because they have added a 2nd truck and both trucks are pretty nice, but I would think they have a couple things going for them that you do not:

    1. Mexicans work cheap and so they have low overhead, and they probably load that truck by hand.
    2. They are in with a big time builder that builds hundreds of houses every year

    This is good advice. Make sure you find out who your customer is, and then find out if he wants the service you are offering, and then figure out if enough of him want enough of it at a high enough price to make big money. It sounds like you are doing this the easy way which is also the expensive way, by jumping in with (almost) both feet and seeing what happens. I think you already have the answer to the question of whether this is a viable business plan for your location & situation. So you have to modify your plan such that you are providing something that more people want, more often, for more money. This might mean scrapping the whole business for awhile until you have a plan for it. A builder wouldn't build a house without a blueprint. Maybe he would build a dog house, then a garage, and see how that went, and get a plan together from that, but even then, it is going to be one messed up house. He would expect to have to modify it somewhat or tear it down and start over.
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    You move to where ?

    Vancouver has lots of work but no where to live rent is out rageous you live in a carboard box in somebodies backyard for 1000 a month. Move to Alberta the money is even better but its even worse the cost of living is skyrocketing and not place to rent.

    Talked to a contractor from the Okanagan lots of work there too but good luck in trying to find a place to live. The Okanagan is booming because the baby boomers are buying up retirement property dropping a million on a retirement house is a piece of cake.

    I'am still trying to find something to do part time maybe make a extra 10 grand in a year. I gross about 38 grand a year which isn't enough for todays standards take home pay after taxes is 30 grand.

    I want to buy a house but when the cheapest house is hovering around the 300,000 range the mortage payment is 1900 a month. I need a 30 grand down payment before I do anything.

    Vancouver B.C. is worse your paying 800,000 dollars for a house on the east side where you find hookers on the street corners and hypadrermic needles thrown in the front yard. Where my grand parents used to live you had to be carefull digging in the garden by the sidewalk used to find drug needles all the time. Found a coke scale a druggy threw in the yard the guy come back for it I handed it back to him :laugh:

    Anyhow I would like to stay where I'am atleast you can leave your doors unlocked or keys in your vehical. There are no freaks to harrass you. People say hello you know your neighbours. Yes the cost of living is climbing here when houses are selling for 1 to 2 million dollars.

    I talked to fellow employees from Vancouver island they said its not cheap to live there either. The over 60 crowed is taking over pushing the prices sky high. One of the guys said he is the youngest in his neighbourhood (45 yrs old) the rest is 65. Albertans are buying places in the Comox area of Vancouver for summer places. Spend the 300,000 plus all they use the house for is a place to stay a few days a year to play golf. Many Albertans fly to comox play a round of golf and fly back home.

    I will probably have to wait till 2011 before I can afford to buy house when prices drop I will be 34 years old then. I guess I will have to take up playing the lottary tickets see if I can win couple million :laugh:

    Have to wait and see how much equipment the repo man ends up repo'ing here. Its gotta be getting a little tight the 3 to 10 grand a month equipment payments don't stop. Allot of the guys that jumped into the excavation business in the last couple years will be hurting the most. Thinking they are going to strike it rich. Now that there are so many mini excavator companies there isn't enough work to support them all. Everybody and their dog has bought a dump truck glad I didn't buy one there is too many now for the work out there.

    Even thou I don't enjoy my job I maybe glad I have it atleast I will have a paycheck coming in. If the construction market gets even slower many people will be unemployed. There might be lots of stuff going up forsale for cheap.
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    If there's no work, the real estate market must be dropping, right? If so, wait it out, prices will level out. I'd keep an eye out for those idiots who were talked into buying a house they couldn't afford by a mortgage company out to make a quick buck. Foreclosures will be coming, just hold out and buy a house.

    Real estate here isn't any cheaper, you complain of high prices but that's just how it is. Houses in the Seattle area that aren't a complete mess or in a terrible neighborhood are $350K+, that's just how it goes. Welcome to the real world, this is just the way it is.
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    Not that i will say that I told you so, I will only remind you that during one of the thousands of responses to one of your threads.


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