How it all got started


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This is how my lawn service all got started. It was back in ohh I would say September when i noticed all these leaves everywhere and i thought well i have a rake and my friend has a blower so i called him up and said lets rake some leaves. Well i printed out about 250 flyers on the computer and handed em out. But i didnt get many calls. Most of my business came from just knockin on peoples doors and askin if they wanted there leaves raked. So i raked leaves untill it started to get cold and there werent many leaves left. I was doing all this with my friend Justin. A lot of times when I got calls I would call him to help cuz I mean i thought it was fair. We were doing it together kind of like partners. So when I found out he was doing jobs and not telling me I was pissed cause it was my idea in the first place and I handed out the flyers. by the way the flyers had both of our numbers on it thats why customers would call him. The reasoning behind that is I didnt realize that Sprint had my phone set as long distance even though it was a local area code number but you had to dial a 1 or somethin. So it was just easier for people to call Justin because his number you didnt have to dial a 1. Any way he wasnt calling me to let me know about the jobs, well I found out and I was pissed. We had more problems and i havent talked to him since December. Then in January I called up my friend Mike. I knew him since 1st grade, always been a good friend. I figured I could trust him. i asked him if he wanted to try and start a lawn business, well he wanted to so we did some research printed out flyers and handed em out. We were originally planning on getting a truck and just using crap mowers that he had BUT I got a call one day from Bayberry Condo Association. He wanted a bid on 80 units. So we hurried up and Mike bought a 93 Ford F-150. Well we looked at the property and it was huge so we figured we would need a trailer and big mowers. So we got a 6x12 enclosed trailer used for about $1800. We did some research and found a good mower place by Mikes house. Well Mike bought a 36in WB Exmark and i picked up a 48in. We put it on credit since were both 18 soon to be 19. It was our only hope to get the mowers. We are waitin on our shirts to come in and workin on getttin the trailer customized with our logo. Oh and we did all our reaserch on name regisration, licensing, and insurance, so we have it all set up all we gotta do now is this Thursday is mail the lisence and regisration in and get the insurace started. By the way we didnt even get the 80 unit condo but we got Kmart which is a nice size. We got about 15 customers and counting. I get calls everyday. I feel we went from nothin to somethin basically overnight. Let me know what ya think


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good story, welcome to lawnsite