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  1. Lawn-Guy

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    was just watching this and they did a segment on how they make the john deer z mowers they say it only takes 72 to make one... for that rate of speed they should be a hell of alot cheaper lol
  2. kaferhaus

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    It takes 72 minutes to "assemble" one on the factory floor. It takes a lot longer than that to "make" one. But I agree with you they're over priced and most of that money is going to the massive overhead and huge executive compensation packages.

    Management is always "concerned" about labor and materials costs, but they never look in the mirror.

    for expample the president of Toyota makes less than a million bucks a year total... including all bonuses and stock options. The president of GM makes how much? about 20 times that.... and that filters all the way back until you get into middle management.

    Add the inflated wages and benefits of UAW workers (doesn't take a rocket scientist to work on a production line)

    And it's the same with banks....

    Not that what we do takes any more skill or brains but at least we're taking all the risks ourselves.

    No wonder our manufacturing prowess is gone. And as much as I like buying made in the USA it's becoming near impossible and nearly nothing is made here any longer and what is made here is mostly inferior quality or too expensive.
  3. Roger

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    I think you are referring to the CEO, not the President.

    Take back the CEO compensation of $17M, and it will run GM for two hours. The costs of management compensation makes for great rhetoric by the objectors, but, in reality, means little in the big picture.
  4. Alpha Property

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    the thing that floors me is how the big corporations get away with declaring a loss..... its not realy a loss, its still profit... its just not as big of a profit as they were expecting. For example, this year i project to make $30 000... now if i only make $25 000, i'm going to declare a loss of $5000. but its not a loss, its a $25 000 profit
  5. kaferhaus

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    Hey that's nothing... the banks are writting off mortages that go into foreclosure... AT THE FACE VALUE OF THE LOAN! Now the real estate isn't worth nothing! and many of these loans are federally insured so the bank in reality isn't losing a penny.

    Most of these banks were never "cash strapped", they move money into their "reserves" to cover the expected "losses" at the face value of the loan instead of the difference between what they will recover and what they were owed.... after it all shakes out they then will move the money back out of the reserves and "gee" now they've got billions to lend at huge profits again while they've been floating off of our tax dollars for free.

    And can't just blame them... they lobbied congress years ago to let them change this accouting rule so they could do it.... then the "Fed" looks at their balance sheets and says "oh this bank is failing" do to the "cash" situation.... oh gee big panic time lets give them billiions to hold them over.

    Whole problem was created by the government and now they're gonna fix it? while blaming "business"....they're all in it together. Favors and contributions in exchange for favorable legislation.

    Why do you think the bankers sit there in front of congres and just take it on the chin? Because they asked for the new rules so they could cheat and congress gave it to them for the "payoffs" and congress has to act like they're "concerned". It's disgusting.
  6. djagusch

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    To the original post. It may take 72 minutes down the assembly line but that was not created in 72 minutes. Look at how long they needed to design the assembly line to make it that efficient and how much cost goes into it. Then look at how much time it takes to design the mower to work correctly and then design it to be assembled so quickly.

    They need to pay for all that designing and equipment and then do it all over again for the next design. Then ask how many units they actually sell of each model divide it all out and it adds a bit of costs.
  7. huntlawncare

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    Hey we have a Honda Plant near us and it takes 7 minutes to assemble a Push Mower
  8. lifetree

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    lmao ... !!
  9. 4.3mudder

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    Hey, I saw that one last night, must be the ones they sell at the home depot. Cheap stamped decks, what junk.

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