how large can palms be transplanted ?

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by woodbutcher44, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. MarcSmith

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    I think palms can grow about a foot a year.....Depends on fert, sun, rain, ect.....
  2. woodbutcher44

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    I am the onlo one in the sub with palms .I was told the were planted only 15 or 16 years ago .But the fella that told me that is one of those people that know every thing. Ive even made up stuff to see what he thinks, and he has had it used it broke it fixed it sold it and found something even better. got a sod rotter?nope sold it last month . You seen the new hover mower yep my brothers best friend is on the development tean.Sh1t the only reason I talk to him is to see how far he will go with the story haaahaaahaaa
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    those tall sabel palms are 75 to a hundred years old the bent ones are wort the most maybe 200 my parents company averages about 7000 of them a year we got a guy out of perry fl ill see if he would dig them i dont think hell pay because he has to buy ag stickers for them ill let you know in a day or 2
  4. woodbutcher44

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    Thanks I look foward to hearing from you .
    wher is perry

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