How large is your company?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WhiteLightning, Jul 5, 2006.

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    I am looking into expanding my current lawn service and making a career out of this. I was wondering how many lawn accounts you have, do ou only do mowing or do you do landscaping too, how long you have been doing this, and (if you care to share) about how much you make every year. I am looking to add about 20 new residential accounts by next year. What is the best method to do this. I have aleardy handed out about 800 flyers on cars at my local church (No calls yet)? That has me a little puzzled becuase I usually get about 1 call on every 100 flyers. Is it hard to pick up lawns mid-season?? Also how would I go about getting commercial areas nearby, like gas stations, resturants, banks, ect.?
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    Well, from the front bumper all the way to the rear tail-lights of the trailer, it's about 30 feet. Multiply that times 6 feet wide, I'd say my company occupies 180 square feet of space but then there's the storage, you gotta add probably another 300 -400 square feet of equipment and supplies and please don't ask me how big it is in cubic feet :laugh:
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    Depends on what part of wichita you are in. I use to live in Goddard, Ks. My parents drove all the way to the Presbiterian Church on Broadway. So there might be the possiblilty that no one actually lives any where near where your routes are. If it's a really big church, they are probably driving from all over. Good Luck!!!
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    To answer your questions...

    1. 180 approx
    2. mowing and landscaping
    3. 13 years
    4. no, I don't care to share that information on an open forum
    5. try referrals
    6. no, you can pick up new accounts mid season easily
    7. letters and personal me-and-greet

    hope that helps ya.

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