HOw late can one plant bushes/trees

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by meets1, Oct 4, 2012.

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    NOt sure if right place for this but.....

    How late can we plant bushes and trees for landcape?

    We are having this discussion with our designer who has 20 years in business. Other seasoned pro have a different take. I am in IOWA.

    Just asking? I did email our ext. office here tonight as well.
  2. v6rs97

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    As long as the ground isnot frozen.
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  4. Probably worthless for me to post since I'm in Florida, but with non-annuals, I say cutoff is November 1. 90% of our stuff is tropical, so a cold winter means replacing a lot of material. If the customer insists, I let them know I put no guarantee if we get a bad cold front.
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    Thanks. That was my thought. I have landscaped till its is frozzen. There are times with customer lets us - we'll do it but maybe the north side of house or building strictly due to frost in the ground. Then we return in the spring, check last years plantings and plant the new ones on the north side.

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