How late is too late to hydroseed?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by sss33, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. sss33

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    When is the latest in the year you would try to plant grass. I work in eastern PA. I am worried that some of the annual will come up, but the perenial won't, and may even wash away during the winter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. impactlandscaping

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    It really depends on the weather at the time. We usually spray until the second week in October, which usually gives us 3-4 weeks before a hard frost. We did 2 late in the year last year, one on Oct 22, and the other on Oct 25. Both were seeded w/ TTTF and some BG. The first lawn came in before the second week of Nov, the other was lagging and had to be touched up this spring. The first one was also put on a regular turf program , and looks really great this summer. The second is coming along, but the homeowners are doing it themselves to save $$.
  3. lawnkid

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    We seeded a lawn last year in mid October and it came up like peach fuzz in the winter bt in the spring came in real nice. The thing that's nice about hydroseeding is that the seed is always there and can go dormant before establishing. We'll probably be seeding up until mid october this year too. Like impact said it also depends on the weather. If it gets too cold too quick then nothings gonna grow so there are many variables.
  4. jd boy

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    you can't rely on seed to overwinter. it will rot before it germinates. hydroseed or not. there is no funtional difference between hydo and conventional seeding. people think hydo is the cure all. all it does is promote a more even germination by keeping the seed in place and more evenly moist.
  5. start2finish

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    and the mulch stays in place, ever straw a yard and have 15-20 mph winds the next day? Don't make light of hydroseeding technology.
  6. Rtom45

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    When I worked for a landscaping company in your area, we used to seed until about the beginning of October, depending on the weather. When I worked at a College there, we used to dormant seed after football season, although I don't believe the results justified the effort.

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