how long before seeding ok? Prodiamine %50 SCU TCS

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by roody2333, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. roody2333

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    true green treated a Kentucky blue lawn last week.
    Based on the sheet they left, how much prodiamine/barricade did they put (how many months before can reseed with KBG?)

    Hoping to seed late aug/early September, but luckily no falling leaf competition so late September should be decent ok. I just hope they didn't put so much that it can't be seeded this Fall but I think they probably kept that in mind.
    thank you

    Slow Release fertilizer and crabgrass
    method: spread (granular) 4lb per 1000 sq ft

    products: 19-0-5 0.29 barricade %50 SCU (TCS) (nitrogen, potassium, prodiamine)
    epa# 100-1456-82757
    rate: 4lb per 1000 sq ft
  2. That Guy Gary

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    They put down zero point two nine percent of four pounds of prodiamine.
  3. Delmarva Keith

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    At that rate of prodiamine, you are supposed to wait four months before seeding. I assume you want to seed early September — much later than that with KBG can be risky for winter kill. You can try aggressive aeration to break the herbicide barrier before seeding. You should likely explain to the customer that they may not get a complete stand out of it. If it’s a high risk “showcase your stuff” type job, I would wait another year or pick another lawn.
  4. RigglePLC

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    In most cases, where crabgrass control is applied in the spring, (at label rates) you can seed in the fall. Its a routine thing for many companies.
    Unless the label says otherwise, you should be fine.
    In a test, years ago, in flower pots, I got germination after 80 days.

    Perennial rye is a bit stronger at overcoming any chemical effects--at punching through any chemical barrier.

    My calculations show they put down a half-pound of active ingredients prodiamine per acre.
    The label says this is the minimum rate.
    And the chart shows that this lasts about 3 months.
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  5. roody2333

    roody2333 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I don't want to aerate it because it's very patchy. I don't want to plant anything other than KBG because I think they want to stick with KBG. I will shoot for September 1st seeding and see what happens. will have them ask truegreen what they say about seeding time also. thanks
  6. Babaganoosh

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    Could the use of a spike aerator help? It won't aerate all that well but it might break the barrier a bit.
  7. roody2333

    roody2333 LawnSite Senior Member
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    last I checked spike aerators are no good, maybe for spike seeding type grasses (nto cool season grass) they are useful but if I'm going to aerate, I'll core aerate. Spike aerators will allow air water and nutrients to reach further into the soil which is good but they won't alleviate compaction not melt thatch. spike aerators actually compact the soil around the spike. When using a core aerator to reduce thatch, all it is is composting. It's the same as topdressing with compost/topsoil. When the soil from topdressing or soil from cores left on the surface (never rake them up),, the soil contacts the excess thatch layer, it then composts and turns that thatch into soil also.

    anways, I'll core it a bit maybe. it's distressed so I might not even core it because I don't think it's rooted deep and I don't want to rip the whole root out, plus it's KBG which doesn't root deep. Maybe I'll not fill the aerator with water nor add weights so it just makes small 3/4"-1" cores instead of 3" cores.

    gonna hear back from Truegreen if ok to plant in early sept. I think 4 months is what they put also though meaning end of September. There's no leaves as I mentioned and I've planted TTTF on Halloween and it came out good but KBG takes 1-2 weeks longer to sprout than TTTF but it should be ok but someone mentioned there's a disease can happen when KBG meets winter if not mature enough.

    Will prolly seed it and hope for the best, and seed again in spring if need be.
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  8. Delmarva Keith

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    Four months is “safe” (that’s what’s on the label of the stuff they use). @RigglePLC is right though, if it’s not critical to get a full stand, just do it and three months is probably enough depending on the weather we get this Summer.
  9. roody2333

    roody2333 LawnSite Senior Member
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    true green said it'll be ok to seed by Fall and they're seeding it as part of a deal (probably with core aeration they usually do but I offered to tine (gently) dethatch it prior to coring for better seed to soil contact). but anyway, I'm not sure if they know it is/was %100 pure KBG and maybe they're gonna give a TTF blend which would have plenty of time but is not pure KBG.

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