How long before you add crews?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eho, May 11, 2005.

  1. Eho

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    First of all, how many people on here are solo? How many people have a few helpers but are still out in the field ? How many people out here manage the business while they have several crews out mowing? Anyways, I was just wondering how long it took most people before they added helpers and then other crews. Seems like adding crews is a huge financial jump especially consideing if you get several crews you probably need a shop or office of some kind. LEt me hear from ya
  2. MMLawn

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    FIRST you get the work, then once you build it you add crews so don't get hung all up on crews and put the buggy in front of the horse. Also just so you'll be ready I PROMISE you employees (and everything that goes with them) will be some of if not your biggest nightmares in business. Right now you have no 941's, no 940's, no Workers Comp, etc, so don't be in a rush to get them. No need to even think about crews until you have at least 50 weekly accts in my opinion.

    Like the ghost said, "Build it and they will come".
  3. Rob's landscaping

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    I have three crews and it's way to much. You are better staying small. The crews drive me nuts all day long. Help me :cry:
  4. Eho

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    I know in Texas you dont need workers comp. Is it legal to just give your workers 1099?
  5. tinman

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    50 Weeklys is a number you can understand & relate to. But the size of the property obviously comes into play. One of your posts stated one person can do 18-20 per day ( forget the #, so please correct if I'm way off). No way I could do that many in my area. I have a few that are 1/2 acre with very little trimmer. But most are "county" yards with a fair amount of trimming.
    Is there a $$$ amount you can place on when to hire a helper or a crew. $$ per day, week, etc? Thanks

    ROCKYM LawnSite Member
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    7000.00 Per month give or take a few hundred dollars.
  7. MMLawn

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    No doubt that the size certainly plays one of the biggst factors. I believe if I said it it was like 15 or so a day and it was in a post where the guy was talking about small yards. The reason I always suggest at least 50 lawns before thinking about help is that that number means that you only have to cut 10 lawns a day so that takes in big and small lawns and can still be done per day without help and about where I think the Max limit is per day alone. Is there a $$ number, yes but it will be different for everybody as everybody is in different situtations. But I can tell you that in my humble opinion that at least the first $1K a week should go in your pocket and then maybe think about help.
  8. oldturf

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    I do not know about texas but the feds will not allow 1099 for your part time help, unless they are totally independent contractors using their own equipment and doing business in their own manner, just as you do, and are filing taxes as independent business. The feds have a list of qualifiers for a 1099 and most will not qualify.

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