How long can it last?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bobcat_ron, Nov 4, 2007.

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    I have a '05 Ford F-450 (cab & chassis) with a stock Powerstroke that I pull a 24 foot tilt deck with my T190. Max combined GVW is 25,000 LBS and I am currently purchasing a new 24 foot Goose Neck with a GVW of 20,000 lbs, total combined GVW will be over 32,000 lbs.
    I am worried that my 5 speed automatic may drop out someday, and end up costing me more money in the long run.
    Any heavy puling 450 owners out there please chime in!!
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    Depends on the age and wear of the tranny, also how well it is maintained.
    Technically all trannies need filter and fluid changed every 10k miles, for DIY.
    I didn't do this for a good 15 years, but about 6-7 years ago I started, religiously.
    Every car, every truck, every 10k miles, trans fluid and filter, DIY, pita but it does help.

    Here's one way to determine, but you take a small chance:
    You need to change the fluid and filter in it now, and if you've never done it, get a good look at the shavings helps.
    10k later do it again, this time look for shavings in the pan, for comparison.
    A TINY amount of dot sized specs should be ok.
    But if it's a small handful of slivers about the size of finger nail clippings, that's bad.

    This also helps familiarize yourself with the smell of new vs. used (and badly worn or 'burnt') trans fluid.
    I can tell today what it should and should not smell like, but 8-10 years ago I couldn't.
    Trannies can and do outlast bad smells and shavings, IF you catch it and make the required towing / driving style changes.

    You could also pay someone to do it, likely cost you 100'ish per instance.
    But the mechanic could tell you, just as well as you might can determine.
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    It was bought brand new, only 100 kilometers (I'm Canadian) every 5000 kms it gets a regular service, all fluids, I'll ask the service tech to give me the tranny oil sample as a back up then. It has 28,000 kms now and all I do is pull uphill, I figure it'll be easier to wreck the tranny now when it's still under warranty then when I'm pulling something heavier with no warranty.

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