How long did it take you?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by We do 4 U, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. We do 4 U

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    How long did it take you, when you first started, to get your business set up the way you wanted it? I mean things like working for the type of customers you wanted to work for and getting accounts in the higher end neighborhoods you wanted to work in. I ask because I am in my third year and I am still spread out as far as my drive time and still doing some of the "lower end accounts". Things are SLOWLY getting better though.
  2. Richard Martin

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    It sounds like you are on the same schedule as I am. As long as you are satisfied with your progress don't worry about it. You probably have a very strong (not big) and loyal customer base with little turnover. I'm currently in my 8th year. I have 40 current customers and I'm on customer number 207. The numbers started at 101. I've worked my base from a 20 mile radius down to about a 5 mile radius.
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    I started my business in 1995, and I'm still trying to perfect it. It has gotten much easier for me, and I do less physical work than ever before. I'm now trying to work on the business to perfect estimating and billing systems, and also faster collections. It is a slow process, but you really have to envision where you want your business to go, and then figure out a way to do it. Good luck to you. Mike
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    let u know ,if i ever get there .:)
  5. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Amen to collecting money!!! I have one town, yes one town, that I skip right by. Years ago I did about 60 lawns in that town. What a pain in the $%#. I needed to keep a violin in my truck for all the sob stories I heard. Those people had plenty of money. Million $ homes, $50,000 cars etc. You can't pay $3,000???
    I think its safe to say the most of us still run into these type of people. Unless you have kept the same accounts for years its an on going thing. But if you build your business each year your bound to run into someone who thinks you work for free. I use contracts whenever I can but still it can take 30 days or more to get your money from the people. I guess its better than not getting paid at all. Like the guy who fixes my trucks always says " I keep rid of everyone who doesn't pay. I would rather be home doing nothing knowing I make nothing for the day. Than to spend a whole day working to get nothing. Travis
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    I think it takes about 5 years to get about where you want to be. This is our 8th year and have finally seen the fruits of my labor pay off for the last 3 years or so.

    In the beginning it was just gotta hang in there and work the biz till you feel you have got it right.
  7. Southern Lawns

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    Slow and steady wins the race. I really believe that statement. Enjoy the journey!

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