How long do I have to wait before seeding

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by The mayor, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. The mayor

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    I got called to do a overseeding job. I planned on doing it on friday. The people called to let me know that their fert guy was just there (9/13wendnesday) to put down herbicide. I got ahold of the fert guy to see what he put down, it is lesco momentum. Anyone know when I can put down seed.
  2. Runner

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    3 to 4 weeks. That is the standard for herbicides like this and 3 way. Momentum is some strong stuff...she must have had some other things going on, or that's just what he had mixed in the tank. We're using alot of that rightr now, also because it's the prime time to get control of the weeds - including the tough ones (wild violet, ground ivy, etc.).
  3. The mayor

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    Thanks, that what I needed to know. The home owner will have to wait.
  4. RigglePLC

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    Read label --it probably will not mention spraying before seeding. After seeding it will say something like, "Do not apply to newly seeded grass until well-established. " Weed control doesn't hang around for long. If you and your cutomer are wiling to accept some risk--go ahead.
    Then--let us know what happens. Plant some seed in flower pot in your office, also then in clean soil in flower pot==just for comparison.
  5. Runner

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    It's on the label to wait, trust me....don't waste your time and money. Just wait.....:)
  6. thecompletehome

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    It states right on the label to reseed no sooner than 3 to 4 weeks after application of this product.
  7. teeca

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    Messages: 1,202 here is the link to the lable, it says apply on well established lawns with good root systems. other simular herbicides say that it's safe to apply after 3-4 mowings of newly planted seed. i wouldn't even give the customer the choice weather to do it or not, just tell them to wait. seed cost money, and the customers business cost even more, if the seed does not germinate, then they will forget all about the warning and consider you the one at fault.

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