How long do new start ups last on average ?

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The neighborhood kid does not have access to heavy equipment and no experience.
You've brought this up a few times. While the face value of the statement is true, it's not the reality. Even if something can be done easily......if no one is actually doing it then it is not a problem. Do you know how many neighborhood kids have taken any of my clients in 8 years? Zero. Heck, I don't even see this happening. Do you know how many of my clients have kids of their own that can mow grass? Over half of them. Over half my clients have kids that can mow for FREE and they still choose my service. It's a running joke around here. I know a few LCO companies and we talk, have lunch etc.....the joke is "If parents ever forced their kids to start mowing lawns as a chore again half the companies will go out of business." There are so many kids not mowing, the few that do have the go get em attitude are not my problem at all. They're just another LCO.

Your statement is not an issue in this least around here.

Perhaps in your area there is an abundance of teens with mowers but in my 8 years lowballers and teens have not been competition at all. My minimum is actually $5 more than 75%-90% of lawn companies around here and I have no problem keeping a full schedule year after year.

Do you want to even do this? Every one of your posts about mowing seem to be nothing but reasons not to why do you mow? It's like you have already failed in your mind and you're trying to find the right excuse to go along with failing. It seems your attitude may play a part in all your problems. From mowing posts to non mowing posts you take a simple basic fact and embellish it to some extreme that takes it out of the realm of reality. But who knows, maybe your area is a fluke and every possible obstacle to lawn mowing exists ad nauseam.

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Many businesses fail because they have 0 understanding of cost accounting. I believe everyone who is looking to start a business should take at least one class on cost accounting and financial accounting, or read, learn, and understand at least one good book on each. Without a good understanding of accounting your business will be destined for failure. You have to know where your money is going and how to price accordingly.

Also, most kids are lazy today. I wouldn't even factor the neighborhood kid into any type of equations today, except possibly if you are working in poor neighborhoods, which you wouldn't want to work in to begin with.

There will always be unlicensed, uninsured, lowballers out there. If you stick to the lowest skilled, entry level maintenance work such as residential mowing you will always have to deal with lowballing competitors. If you are skilled, knowledgeable, offer a fuller range of services, and project a professional image you can fetch a higher price, but you can't be absurdly higher than the lowballers.


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Another big hit for startups is is when you hit the higher tax bracket. (A lot of guys hire their first employee before they even get there) It can be a big reality check & pretty discouraging especially if your prices & efficiency aren’t where they should be . That’s why you see many guys scale back down or quit all together after they learned the hard way.
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