How long do you think the average person holds your flyer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justmjc, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. justmjc

    justmjc LawnSite Senior Member
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    Anyone have any idea how long the average person holds on to a flyer? Yea, this ones off the wall, but do you think if you advertise 2-3 weeks ahead of the calling bananza just to get your name out, would people most likely hold them, if they look nice, or just throw them out and wait for the warm up? What would you think?
  2. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
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    this is what I always do...I look at a Buyers Guide on Sunday, and its in the garbage by Monday. Anything that I like I jump on before the next weekend. So I say 1 week
  3. locutus

    locutus LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NC
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    Long enough to walk around to the trash can.
  4. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
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    Average, I don't know. But...last summer I got a call from a lady asking about mulch. I asked where she got my number. She said it was on one of my flyers. Hummm...I haven't had mulch listed in 5 yrs. After further probing, she tells me she got it years before and kept it just in case she ever needed it.
  5. Evan528

    Evan528 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I have also had people call me 2 and 3 years after they received my flyer. I had to ask because at the time i knew i hadnt used flyers in several years.....
  6. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
    from earth
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    wow, that is unbelieveable that they would hang onto them that long. Kind of makes you feel all important inside. I would asked to see the flyer, just to see how far you have come along with advertisement, etc.
  7. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
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    I still have a few of that flyer around. Very very simple design.
  8. lawnman_scott

    lawnman_scott LawnSite Fanatic
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    thats happened to me too. usually old ladies.
  9. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Or they're dirty and disgusting pack-rats!!!!!!! :D

    I'd guess a few weeks with their anticipation that they would be entertaining some work for the near future, so they've kept it until they decide to move forward or abort the idea.
  10. mtdman

    mtdman LawnSite Gold Member
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    I usually take junk mail and fliers that get put on my door and dump them immediately. Don't bother to look at them, don't care. Pizza coupons, lawn mower fliers, whatever. I hate that stuff and just throw it out.

    If I were to get a nice postcard in the mail with an eye catching picture, I might pause longer to see what it was about.

    Personally, I believe fliers are somewhat ineffective. The only way to get a good response is to put out a TON of them. There are a few people that pay attention to them, maybe 1-2% of recipients. The rest are like me, don't care, throw 'em out. The best method of distributing fliers is to get as many of them out as possible in order to turn that 1-2% into a good response.

    My personal strategy is to get my name out in public and seen by people. Make them remember it. Then when they do need that service, and look to find someone, they'll remember your name and maybe look for your number.

    That's my thoughts on it.

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