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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ocutter, Oct 16, 2000.

  1. Ocutter

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    For those who scope out new developments in search of accounts, how long do you wait to accrue lawns. Do you set your goals for so many per yr. or feel out the place and see who calls. Ive been in this new development for 3 seasons now with only one solid account. Others have called but they turned out to be nickle and dimers. Should I pack up and move? The one I got now is turning into a penny pincher.
  2. landscaper3

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    Make up some fliers or door hangers is what we use from nebs and hit as many as you can and start hitting new areas
  3. toddman35

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    landscaper3, where on the site did you find the door hangars? i looked but couldnt find any. thanks
  4. Ocutter

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    Todd- ask for a catalog and they are in there. Be sure to tell them that you are a landscaper. They'll hook you up with a lot of material. A very good buy 500 cost aroud 48 bucks. Landscaper- did that I guess this place is tapped out, onto the next block
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