how long for ztr machines

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by s and s mowing, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. s and s mowing

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    i have exmark but all is welcome to reply,how long you guys keep your ztr.i have a 2004 23 60 lazer and was wheeling and dealeing with dealer yesterdayand then thought better(and wife would probaly divorce me).but i do like new you go by hours,years,warranty.
  2. work_it

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    I figure I'll get rid of mine when the repairs become so costly it's just not worth it to repair the machine one more time....except to sell.
  3. 65hoss

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    It depends on the user and owner. If the owner is the user and his big on maintenance then the machine will last a long time. Keep the oil and air filters clean. Grease it good and often. The old saying is "never had a machine in the shop due to greasing to much." Use it with common sense and it will last for many years. Beat it up and you better sell it before it gets to old.
  4. ztrx

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    I've had customers bring me mowers with as little as 400 hours that needed some serious work. These machines had never been greased or had their oil changed. They had never been blown off or washed. The decks were shot and the motor in some dire need of service.These machines also sat outside in the weather with no protection. On the other hand I have seen mowers 8 years old with over 4000 hours that looked and ran like new. These mowers were owned by off duty firefighters who maintained them like their equipment down at the station. Preventive maintenance is the only way to go. In a nutshell it depends on YOU!
  5. Travis Followell

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    We have 550 hours on one machine and 1200 hours on the other and havn't had many problems. We take care of our machines but the ground we run them over eventually takes its toll. We have replaced several small things like 4 idler pulleys, and 2 wheel bearings this year plus regular maintenance. Replaced a 20 hp Kohler year before last but that wasn't due to bad maintenance. We wont be getting rid of our machines until they fall apart because the guy I work is a millionaire he dosn't like to spend money.
  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    I get my $$'s worth ..... try to keep em looking good but work is work .... my newest Walker ... the EFI from Oct of 2002 has over 1400 hrs n the Lazer from Spring of 2002 has bout the same was at 1396 first of the month ..... my other Walkers (4) all have +2000 hrs with one of em getting a new 25hp this winter n my old 96 model being sold for the $$ of the new engine

    My mowers average bout +700 hrs per year ....n once I get up to 2000 hrs the unit has paid for it's self

    New equipment gets old .... the day it gets in .... sure everyone is like X-mas morn ....but the stuff needs to pay fore it's self

    If you have a 2004 unit n it's paid fore it's self ...that's killer
  7. Texas Mower Parts

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    From what I have seen, 2 years or 1600 hrs is when your going to start having little problems that cost you money. For the guys that put serious hours every year(1200+), I suggest getting rid of them at the two year mark.
  8. Lux Lawn

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    I agree 100% the better the maintenance the longer it will last.

    When I have a mower that is costing too much to keep running then its time to retire it and get a new one have not had to do it lately.Can always keep them as backups.
  9. Jackman

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    I like that post , and agree 100%...... My 60 inch ,23 hp Lazer Z has 1600 hours and runs well with a slight loss of power from the wear, it will be getting a new engine and an updated canister air filter over the winter......The cost of a new engine is minamal to the cost of a new unit and considering that the mower overall is very basic it can be kept in good running for many years with out spending the 9,000 dollars that a new one cost......
  10. YardPro

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    our rule of thumb is a unit has to pay for itself and the next one too.
    we have a 1989 groundsmaster with a bagger that we still use once per year to scalp and bag all the dead bermuda leaves from out propertied.

    we still have as a backup a 10 year old toro 44" pro line.

    god knows how many hours are on those two.

    whenever down time

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