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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Etotheclown, Feb 2, 2006.

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    I've been working with heavy equipment the past 8 months. I now know how to run Enddumps which i actually hate. But, I've logeda lil over 200 hours on excavators rangen from Bobcats mini excavator which was great to learn on to Hitachi's 330zaxis . I've worked with the bobcat T250 turbo for the past 3 months. And the jon deere 450 dozer , cats Dh4 and D5c. I've operated the 963b and 963c loaders. And lets not forget about the machine I think everyone starts out on in a big excavating company the roller. Gotta love um i think. But, my question is would i be better off trying to get into the union or non-union job?
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    Welcome to the forums! Great to have you here.

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    If you want to turn into a brain dead entitlelist always out to screw your boss, because everyone knows the boss is always rich and the worker is always poor, then join a union. In some areas around the country, you don't have much choice, you join, or you are not going to get on the job. If you are a non union company, or a company the union goons call a scab, they will picket the job, dump anti freeze in your equipment's crankcases, break windows, and basically do anything they can to get you to join.

    I've worked both ways, and been at a shop that had two gates, one for union employees, and the other for non union employees, who made $2.00 more per hour and had a pension plan they took with them when they left the job.
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    In my mind unions are crap I'am part of one I don't see the benefit of them 90% of the excavation contractors here are non union the ones that are don't cause any problems with the non union guys. The only difference is the union guys go home at quiting time and they take their regulated coffee breaks.

    The contractors have more problems with enviromentalists vandalizing equipment than disgruntled union employees.
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    200 hours isnt very much seat time and being spread out across all the different machines. That wasnt a typo was it?

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