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How long should i wait before putting more Fert. down.


LawnSite Member
Charlotte nc
5 weeks ago i areated the yard (1/4 acre of grass) and put down 160lbs of lime, 80 lbs of gypsum 40 lbs of scotts fescue seed and 40 lbs of scotts starter fertilizer. The new grass is really coming along nicely. What would be the next step to make sure this grass stays nice. How long should i wait before putting down some more fert. on the lawn? And what kind should i use. Btw i have all fescue and live in Charlotte NC.


LawnSite Senior Member
I would hit it again with some winterizer in the later part of november just to help it though the cold winter. the wintizer should have high numbers for potassium and phosporus. these nutritent will help with promoting a deep root system. which is what you would need for cold months. i would go with a reduced application rate to protect the yard from a high nitrogen count. high nitrogen counts will get you into trouble when it comes to dealing with fungus. etc etc. hope this helps.