How long should your commercial mowers last and any tips to help??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Church2224, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Church2224

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    After dealing with going through residential grade mowers that just keep braking down constantly every year and lasting maybe two, I just placed an order for a Toro 22198 and an Exmark Commercial 21 X series with the Kawasaki Kai. I might also have a zero turn and a 36" walk behind on the way once business picks up and if I get larger lawns.

    My question is how long should a typical commercial mower last, being a 21 inch, walk behind or zero turn with proper maintenance? My dealer said with proper maintenance I should see ten years out of most commercial grade mowers with few if any problems, but I though I should get a second opinion. Also any extra tips to have your mower lasting for as long as it can?
  2. StanWilhite

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    Longevity really depends on what quality the eqp. is, along with how it's used (or abused), coupled with how well it's maintained. These factors along with how your luck is determines how long the unit will last.

    I can't imagine not getting a minimum of 2000-2500 hrs out of a commercial z. Got over 7000 hrs out of my last tractor (w/ belly mower) and it was running and operating like new when I sold it. It was well maintained tho, and I may have been a little lucky too.
  3. herler

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    Walk behinds we get 8-10 sometimes 12 to 15 years out of, the biggest problem is the rust causes the deck to start cracking,
    we have had every other part fail as well but nothing costs as much as that dang deck to replace so once that goes
    the mower is pretty much toast, the secret is there is no secret, you have to keep up on the maintenance.
  4. Grumpydave

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    Just retired a 16hp briggs powered 52" SCAG walk behind we bought new in 1997. No hour meter but all the oil seals in the motor were starting to go. still mowed every day. Current SCAG TT 29hp Kawa 61" has 3500 hrs and just replaced ignition coils. I run dino oil to the 100 hour mark and then switch to synthetic. Grease is your friend.
  5. I've read enough posts on here to believe 3-K hours is easy with the right maintenance. That is what I expect to get from my mowers. It doesn't take much either. Just oil/filters, grease, hydro fluid,etc. plenty of guys on here toss their mowers after 1-1,500 hours, which I think is rediculous. Just take care of your equipment and it should take care of you.
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  6. scotts lawn care

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    I have 2700 hours on my 2005 757 z
    Runs great, due to maintenance and not abusing it.
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  7. Tharrell

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    You can get a lot of hours from anything if the maintenance is done right.
    Even at todays prices, oil is cheaper than a new engine or hydro system.
    Plus, it's deductible.
    You won't regret getting commercial equipment.
    One word of advice, skip the gear drive WB's though.
    Go straight to hydro if you can.
  8. Church2224

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    Are there any good recommendations for a Hydro Drive Walk Behind? I was looking at Gravely, Exmark and Snapper Pro mainly.
  9. Richard Martin

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    One of the best things you can if, if possible, is to put an Amsoil bypass filter on any engine that you really care about. It runs about $150 but it is worth every penny in helping to keep those multi thousand dollars engines running forever.
  10. bohiaa

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    One of the most importaint questions I ask when a new purchase is what does the manufacture say. on how long it will last....

    they have these stats. and all's ya have to do is ask.

    If I'm not mistaken the Exmark is rated at 11 years

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