how long til you started hiring help?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Four Star, Jun 18, 2003.

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    How many lawns would you mow by yourself in a week until you decided to hire someone? I'm not quite there yet, but i'm on the way. Just curious to what some of you on here did.
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    I got help when my wife and kids kept asking when they were going to see me. My partner and I currently have 23 accounts, but we both have full time jobs as well. It got to the point that I would have to rearrange everything during the week to make sure the jobs got done, thats when I knew it was time to get some help, so I could actually spend some time with the family. I have a 17 year old working for us, he worked with another company in town for 2 years, but they did not have enough work for him. He has keys to everything, he knows what needs to be done, I don't have to tell him anything, other then tell him what needs to be done for the day. When you don't have time to do anything else, that when it is time for help.

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    The real Question should be "how much weekly income did you elect to give up before you hired someone" ???

    Is that not what you are gonna pay them with .... a percentage of your income ???

    This is when or where any non-solo moves to the next level ..... hiring GOOD employees .... will be your 2nd long term .... most impact driven issue ( the first being cash flow)

    Anywho .... for me an employee represents approx a $2k monthly cost (hourly start pay .... for the most part a "2 cycle" guy ) in the summer n approx $1k in the winter or about $18k per year out of gross profit .... but this is the "Cost of Business"

    What that employee brings in per month is about $5 -4k of monthly gross (this is fore maintance only .... installs is another deal) .... areas of northern climate will differ (they must make more per hour as they do not cut year round .... yet are able to off-set this is snow removal or wood cutting)

    Every Ones Numbers will vary according to local pay .... insurance & W/C cost & of course productivity
  4. I worked lawn care part time and hired some help even before I was working every day.

    Just to lighten my load.

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