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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by promower, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. promower

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    Cant remember if I posted this in maintenace and renovation or it just got moved there. Anyways trying to get some response from this post.

    I've dethatched in the past with a jrco rake on my mower. Decided to rent a dethatcher this year instead cause I think it will do a better job. I've never used one so I'm wondering how much work is it and does it go pretty fast. Just trying to budget my time out for next week. Most lawns are pretty flat and around 10,000 sg ft each. What can I expect time wise for a 10,000 sg ft lawn. Also when I finish I will just bag the grass with a mower so that part will go pretty quick.
  2. Runner

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    If you are going to rent a machine, then you will actually be dethatching the lawn. The JRCO rake doesn't do this. I have to warn you, when you do this, it is HARD on a lawn, as it takes alot out of it. Spring is definitely the best time to do this, as you are stripping the lawn at a time when muh of the good, live stuff pulls up easy because it is just coming out of dormancy. Early fall is the best time to do this, as everything is well rooted and secure. It then has time to recover.
    When you use the JRCO rake, you are merely raking the lawn over and pulling up some of the dead stuff. Dethatching is completely different. Beware, because it takes it's toll. You open alot of ground up, and in the spring, this leaves it susceptible to weed growth.
    Oh, I don't know if this helps or not, but around here, we get 10-12 dollars per thousand sq. ft. for actual dethatching. I hope this helps.
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    I agree with the above! Time hard to tell. I have gotten 20+ 32 gallon trash cans of debris out of 6000+- sf lawns before. What you are doing is nothing like doing what you have done before. The best way to pick the crap up is with a mower or a vacuum. Dont rent one with the catcher. Waste of time as it will be filled up every 20 - 30 feet
  4. promower

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    So were saying that doing about 50,000 sq ft in one day might not be very realistic. Hopefully I'll gitter done cause I dont want to pay to rent it twice. At least I was on for pricing I went with 11.50 per K.
  5. gene gls

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    I would want to double your price. You are going to have one very long day and lots of grass to pick up. You would be better off renting a Sweepster power brush. A lot faster, with less grass to pick up and still comes out looking good.

  6. marko

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    You can do the 50,000 sf. Just not cleaned up too! I would plan to rent it 2 days if you are by yourself. Clean up after your done.

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