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How long to grind a stump

Discussion in 'Fertilizers, Pesticides and Diseases' started by Guest, Aug 16, 2012.

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    If you plan on "Just backing up and going to town" you are in for a very rude awakening. I sounds like the stumps are very high. Height and width = time. I used to run a 120 hp machine and it would take out a pine stump flush to he ground 2.5-3 feet in diameter in 7 minutes. Now this was a very well maintained machine (the rental may not be), and they were pine stumps. What speicies is your stumps? That will have a huge factor pine vs. oak. IF you flush the stumps and you are very efficient with the grinder (most people are not) I would expect an hour to hour and a half each... TO GRIND. Now do you need to clean them up? Why so deep? 18" is a long way down. Best bet I think, charge by the hour. Rent the machine for the day, add your fee and divide by 8 (if you think you can get it done in a day). Safest way. Good luck
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    O.K. full disclosure. I run a small landscape/lawncare company. We have had one of the worst droughts EVER this year in Indy. Normally I would not take this job on but...

    5 large stumps about a foot or two tall and 4-5 feet across. I can rent a 60HP diesel that hooks to the back of my truck. I then back up to the stump and go to town. Should only need to go 12-18 inches deep. How long can I expect each stump to take? I can rent the machine for about $375 for a day. Can I get these done in an hr a piece with this type of machine? I have run small 20hp grinders and muscled decent size stumps say 24in across but this is a whole new ballgame!

    Thanks for having a forum for this type of question!

    I am a member on lawnsite and really enjoy sharing and collecting knowledge.

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    I charge about $4.00 per inch of stump diameter, measured across the largest part of the stump. With a 60hp machine, you should be able to grind a 48 incher in about a half hour. Like squirrel says, cut the stumps to ground level with a saw first, and save a bunch of time. Otherwise, you will be fighting your grinding pile the whole way.

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