How long to Mow 51 acres

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Zetsch, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I used to do 25 acres with 2 60's and a trimmer in 3-4 hours depending on the conditions. Then i got smart and would drop a guy off to mow and go do other things with my trimmer guy. 5.1/2 hours later show back up and two would whip and one would blow. It turned out to be a great system.
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    Ask him if you can cut one or 2 acres and time it, then do the math...
  3. Realslowww

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    You should get a couple 72's, I have a 72 and a 60 Super and 60's suck! SLOW!
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    Figure it out first time and money. HIs $75K could be good deal?? IF you get it, go to ebay, bid on a WAM or tri deck mower if you have a tractor with the ponies. I have a 50 acre site - two wams. In and out. I have done it with a 72 front mount mowers and no way, slow, man time etc.
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    I have read on this site where people have figured out 2 15 MPH 72 z's are more productive than their batwing 15 footers and here locally where I live I just talked to a outfit a few weeks ago and they use 72 inch Supers ganged in 2 and say it is more cost effective and faster than the batwing setups they have.

    Not all mowers are created equal.
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    Who could mow at 15mph? Seems like that would beat the crap out of the machine!

    I have mowed 15-20 acres with a 61" ztr - it took me 12+ hrs, not sure on the speed. I now use a 12" mower behind a tractor and it is 6 1/2hrs mowing at 4mph. I do understand that even 1 60" mowing at 8 mph might equal the time, but the beating the operator will take is much more. If big open spaces, I would take the tractor any day. And the trimming can take as much as 20/trimming. But trimming can vary from property to property.
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    Our Deere salesman told us the same thing. He sold new 72's to 2 schools and 2 towns, they traded in their batwings for the 72's because they were faster and more maneuverable. As for the OP my guess would be 6-8 hours. If it really is a good money making account spend the money and buy a couple 72's, they will probably save you 3 hours per mow.
  8. jsslawncare

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    Go watch the guy that does it now and see how long it takes him. Also check out what he's using to cut with.
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    15 MPH is hauling on anything but Sports Fiields and Greens.

    I would think 2 AC an hour is fairly aggressive per 60" machine

    That would be 12 hours per mowing with 2 machines the OP owns.

    36 mowings or is it irrigatated?

    Lets say you put 3 guys on it, one for trash and whipping.

    12 X 3 Guys 36 hours a visit
    36X 36 X $50= 64,800

    36 X 44 visits X 50 = $79,200

    There is room there for sure as $50 an hour for mowers is high IMHO. You also need some fudge factor as well. Particularly since 2 AC per hour per machine is some what aggressive

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