how long to wait after seeding to fertlize

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BillyRgn, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. BillyRgn

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    on a new lawn area, which was seeded with straight fertilizer mixed in, how long should you wait to apply more fertilizer,and how long would you wait to put weed and feed down. also, how do you make a newly seeded area get that darker green color. this is my house, so please don't knock me and say i should be licensed, because i don't usually do this. i put new top soil down, mixed straight fertilizer in, put seed down and covered it with straw, it is coming up beautiful, real thick, looks excellent. but it is just more of like a lime green color, rather than that darker green like the rest of the lawn. it is not burning out, its being watered regularly but not over watered, does it get darker with time, or do i need to apply something else ??? thanks guys Billy
  2. PerfectEarth

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    What formula did you mix in? You should put down an 18-24-12 (starter fert)
  3. tremor

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    Depending on the type & percent & rate of slow release N you might have been due 2 weeks after installation.

    It is common today to see all chemcical starters. Likewise there is plenty of "25% SCU" starter that might as well be all mineral.

    If it's been 2 weeks or more, I would hit it again. But use a quality slow N this time.
  4. JNyz

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    Hold off on the weed control until you are sure all the seed has germinated.
  5. rcreech

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    Depending on the analysis you put down at seeding...I would make the same rec as above. Go in with 18-34-12 (50% SCU) 2-3 weeks after seeding and then once you have mowed it 1 or 2 times hit it with something like a 30-010 (50% SCU) and you can then do weed control. Don't do any weed control until you have mowed several times or you may take out the young seedlings!
  6. mrkosar

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    what rcreech said. the new grass will darken and thicken up with time. what type of seed was it? many times it comes in a little lighter colored green, but it will be fine.
  7. lilmarvin4064

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    soil test

    In many areas near me, low in phosphorus, you will need a second app of 18-24-12. The 50% SCU, MOP/SOP version is very nice. However I prefer 12-24-14 or 14-24-14 MAP, SOP (smaller prills, and less expensive). Apply 1 to 1.5#P/1000 sq ft. Then I usually follow up in 4 weeks with a 20-10-10 or 25-15-10 50%SCU.

    You picked a bad time of year to put seed down...

    If you were in my neck of the woods, you'd better be using some fungicide and biostimulant if you want that new grass to survive.
  8. JNyz

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    He is in conn. so he can get away with it more then most of us.
  9. RigglePLC

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    What kind of seed did you use. I know it is too late--but--the highest quality seed is very dark green because it has genetic green color. It is common for new lawns to have light green color. Creech is right--more fert in the first year will be a big help. When the soil has been built up in fertility--it will be greener and hold the color better.
  10. weircc

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    not trying to jack this thread but im having saving problem i used a 5way fescue turf builder with some starter fert and stopped growing i mowed one time didnt really need hole yard mowed but did anyway what fert should i use 18/24/12 or the 18/34/12 both was mentioned

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