How long until we see more gears in one ton trucks?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ozz, May 6, 2014.

  1. Ozz

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    Long time no see. Oh well. Business picked up and life got in the way.

    So, I added a 2012 Ford F450 with the 6.7 Scorpion and the 6 speed tow/haul automatic a year ago. It adds to the Blue Goose 350 that I've been using for 12 years and replaces the old 550 with 500,000 miles on. It's nice. I like more gears than the 4 I've been using. It's the downrated 325/625 6.7, which still has plenty of power with the 4.30 rear ratio. But, when I hop in the T800 and I have 18 gears, and many only used on the highway. I get through all 6 gears before 50 MPH with no load in the 450.

    So... With the higher power ratings in diesel 1 tons now, when will we see a possible 8,9 or 10 speed transmission in a one ton? Or will we never see one because they're harder to drive? Dodge already uses a 9 speed auto in the Ram 1500. There are advantages, namely fuel economy and the possibility of highway only gears.
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  2. larryinalabama

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    The future will be no gears variable speed. It has been here for a while on small cars, and a long time on mowers.

    Techincally a 6 speed auto with a clutch torque converter has the ability to give you 16 gear ranges. Add a 2 speed rear end and your up to 24. Not necessary whatsoever for a PU.
  3. whiffyspark

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    Yup Hondas cvt has no gears.
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  4. tnmtn

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    i've wondered the same thing myself. 2 speed rear end would be great.
  5. Ozz

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    But perfectly useful for those doing highway driving, or trying to keep RPMs down, or keeping the engine in its ideal power range... There are a ton of reasons. Drive an 18 speed dump truck and it will make sense. It's not my intent to sound arrogant, but there are a million reasons why and large capacity hystat transmissions (I have them in dozers and a lot of other equipment) aren't to the point where they're capable of high speeds. And they may never be. It may work for a Honda CVT but when I'm at 15,000 plus pounds they get bogged easily at high speeds. I know. Try pushing at high speeds with my D7
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  6. whiffyspark

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    Technology takes time to adapt. People say autos are worthless in medium- heavy trucks. Look what's happening
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  7. show-n-go

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    Subaru has cvt options with 8 shift points now. They are coming out with a high performance model for the new wrx. I hate cvt but they have figured out how to make it hold the power and it gets better gas mileage too. I wish all 3/4 ton and bigger trucks had at least 8 speeds.
  8. salopez

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    chevy had talked about bringing out a 12 speed Allison for 2014. there was also talk of an 8 speed with 2 speed rear. these would have been awesome.
  9. ncpete

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    Want more gears in your truck? Years ago, I test drove a diesel f250 with one of their kits, it was pretty impressive. And that was before Ford had turbos on their diesels, the truck was also equipped with an aftermarket turbo. Sweet. I waited one day too long to decide to buy it, and it was gone.
  10. zabmasonry

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    while I hear the points about more gears in a 1-ton. I don't really see the need other then just seeing it on paper. The difference between a heavy haul peterbilt and a f550 is that the pete has a power to ratio of 170lb/hp vs the 550 which at gcvw is at 115. The difference is even greater if you're talking about a truck with a pickup bed. In addition the diesels in pickups have a significantly larger power band. My sense is that 6 gears are more then enough for a 1 ton, especially in an automatic transmission.

    I'd also point out that a lot of heavy trucks are going to 6spd transmissions. For example the cat on road trucks have a 6sp auto.

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