How long will a walker last?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heyfishguy, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. heyfishguy

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    Hi I am considering purchasing a used walker with around about 800 hrs on it. How long can I expect a walker to last assuming it was well taken care of. What should I look for when going to go look it over? It is a 2001 model C with a 42" ghs deck as well as a 42" mulching deck as well as the deck lift kit and boom sprayer. It looks like it is in pretty decent shape overall with a few cosmetic scrapes in the paint and a tear in the seat. What do you think this mower would be worth? Also this unit comes with a 16hp Kohler does anybody know what attachments I could use on this machine? For example could I use their snowblower attachment? Thanks for any input. I hope that the lawn site member that has this unit for sale is not offended by me asking for others opinions on the matter.
  2. AAELI

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    800 hours is low time out here for a Walker of that age. We put almost 1800 hours a year on them and find they work fine as long as service intervals are maintained religiously. Used several ModelT's for 5 years before retiring them for newer models. Seats are under $100 and touch up paint in the spraycan works just fine. The Stevens deck lift , manual, has had to be re-welded but that seems to be the biggest problem. This machine will handle most of Walkers attachments, needs rear weights to balance. Hope this helps you make a decision. Check with your area Walker dealer for what he thinks. You may find they are able to assist you in making good decisions. You would be a new customer for parts and backup.
  3. 1PRO

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    I used a walker along time ago 93 and 94 diesel engine in 99 i bought a dixie chopper the motor blew up in 04 and the dealer loaned me the same mower i used back in 93-94 the only thing i noticed was the ground speed dropped off some so i replaced the drive belt for him while he put another engine in the chopper but still same speed other than that i like the walker mower the bed shaper blade is good to have also.
  4. MysticLandscape

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    I bought a walker last Aug and its got 106 hrs on it now, I fully expect to get 3000-5000 hrs out of the engine. As far as hydros and the gear boxes and other wear and tear we will have to see as I have no experience with a high hour machine.
  5. ed2hess

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    I bought a used 2001 for $1500 that had was clearly high usage(POM broke) and it had the engine already replaced. I had to put a hydro pump ($500) in it shortly after I got it. But I am very happy with the unit. If you properly maintain them they will do fine. But keep in mind these units are not built for running over big stuff like a Scag you can break stuff. They are a fine finishing mower. In most cases people get their asking price, can't help yo wiht that.
  6. MJB

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    I'm still running my 1992 Walker 16 hp kohler 1 day per week. I've only replaced the Engine around 2500 hrs it will start losing power. They are really exposed to a lot of dust etc. You also have to blow out the starter each day to keep the dust out, or it will just click. Good little machine I'm geared up now for big stuff 60" minimum deck size on most lawns. So my Walker may last another 5 yrs. :weightlifter:
  7. David Grass

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    My 95 with close to 3000 hours runs like new, and I hope to get a full 20 years out of it, at 5000 hours. I use it only a bit each day, as my wife runs a Hustler WB with 54 the whole time we are out mowing. I run around doing all the weed eating, blowing, etc. and simply time each yard by starting with the Walker until I see her at a certain spot of completion. If I had to use the Walker full time, and it was my only mower, I would be a bit nervous tho. Original Engine, Original Hydros.
  8. tallimeca

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    Depending on the motor, that is way too long of life expectancy.
  9. corey1977

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    i run a walker for a city cemetery its a 200 model mc 16 horse with a 42 ghs deck motor went at 1500 on motor 2 now with 2000 hours on the chassie:usflag:
  10. MysticLandscape

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    Its a kubota diesel, I have seen a few diesel walkers with 4000+ and one with 5000+.

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