How Long will they last?

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Dogbonz, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Hydro-Gear EZT integrated hydrostatics <---that is.

    I'm torn between a New Sport 48,,, or getting a used unit with under 500 hr's
    with the 2800 or 3100 big boy Hydro's.

    If I get the sport 48 Honda new,, I'll be doing all the work and maintenance on it myself. Including going to synthetic oils, after the break in period. So how many hours should I expect out of these hydro's??

    I've even thought of adding a trans cooler to the hydro circuit to cool the fluid. would this help in the longevity of the unit. I'm looking at mowing 120 hrs a year. and would like to have it for a LONG time!!!!
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    For the hours your listing I would lean towards the ZT3100's in our FasTrak and FasTrak SD.
    As to hours, I don't have a rating on that, to many variables.
    As to adding a hydro cooler, I am not aware of that being possible, as the EZT's are a closed system, non serviceable and the ZT3100's don't have provisions that I am aware of for adding a cooler.
    They all have a cooling fan on the input shaft though.

  3. Dogbonz

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    well the thing is my budget is about $3500. the sport honda is quoted to me by my GR,Mi dealer is $3299+tax. Or I could go with this unit that has 247 hrs.

    This would serve my needs according to the amount of hr's per season, and still be going strong in 10+ years. 150hrs per season+247 would be 1750 hr's. With proper care that unit should be able to go 2500Hrs easy! :) I'd love a Hustler but once people in my area get one, they keep it. As I haven't seen one within 200 miles from me for sale used.

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