how long with a z-turn?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by 1BadHawk, May 16, 2005.

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    Ive just started in the lawn care business this yearm and things are going well for now. Not too much work,but enough to keep me and the customers happy.

    Im running a 36" and a 48" wb, I do a couple a of 1 acre lots which takes me about 1hr-1hr 15m, with trimming , cutting, and blowing. A few trees, some mulch beds, couple of minor hills. The one lot has several steep hills and more obstacles, takes about 1hr 45m from start to finish.

    MY plan was to run these two mowers this year, build some equity up and buy a zero turn next year. Im wondering now, how much time I will save if I purchased one now.

    How much lawn can one cut in a given time with a Z-Turn vs a WB. BTW, I use a sulky on my mowers but still have to walk certain areas of each property.
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    You will finish in less time than your 48 and 36 together, by far. I ran a 60" rider and a 52" wb for quite awhile before getting my Lazer. It outdoes both of them, rather easily. It's just a whole different calibur in cutting power.
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    depending on the size of your yards if its mostly residentiial I would stick with a 52 or a 48., I had severl commercial properties and my Lazer 52 did just fine.

    your productivity will increase as the mowes can cut faster and better, but also you won't be as physicaly tired as the day progresses.

    On campus we used to have a 72" toro groundmaster and I sold it and baught a 52" Scag Wild Cat Even with the smaller deck it mowed circles around the toro....The Z's are just a very highly productive machine....
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    Z's are much faster, I used to use a 60" z on small residential properties (8000-15000 sq ft) and you get done so much faster, probably 12-15mins for a 15,000 sq ft lawn with someone else trimming, in most cases i'd be done mowing before the other guy would be done trimming.

    I plan on getting a 52" z sometime this year, if someone comes out with a good promotion and I like the mower.
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    Here are some figures from a manufacturer. Of course they are figures for optimum cutting conditions, flat out mowing on even ground, etc. but here they are.

    36" WB = 1.2 acre per hour
    48" WB = 1.9 acre per hour
    48" ZTR = 2.6 acre per hour
    52" ZTR = 2.9 acre per hour
    61" ZTR = 3.4 acre per hour
    72" ZTR = 4 acre per hour.
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  7. SproulsLawnCare

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    Thanks for adding this chart here. It has much more information than the one I have!
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    With that amout of work I wouldn't even think of buying a new Z. Maybe look for an older Scag 3-wheeler, they can be had for much cheaper now, and you can do ALMOST as much work as a Z with a 61" deck.

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