How long would it take to mow a baseball field ?


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Got a bid coming up for a baseball field and surrouding areas. I just cant really get a grasp on how big the field is. I have a 54inch walkbehind. ANyone mowing softball or baseball fields??? and how long does it take you ?

Thanks, Im thking another 2-2.5 hours hours for the surrounding areas with mowing/trimming...
Last year i bid $195 which i thought was low on this job and lost, got beat by a couple of highschool kids for $ you can tell this year they will not be mowing it again!


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How big is it? There is huge difference between 9&10 year old field and high school fields. A softball and 9&10 year old field will take about 25 minutes mulching or 40 minutes if bagging with a 52" exmark ztr. A high school baseball field will take about an hour. I mow 4 baseball and a softball field in about five hours. This includes driving time between them. I only do inside the fence. The city takes care of everything outside. I hope this helps
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Or better yet, take your measuring wheel to the ENTIRE property and have an exact figure!!! Some fields are all grass, some are dirt skinned, some are weedy and will require extra mowing in places, some needs to be cut every 4 days, etc. etc.


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Well, I have been mowing ball fields for 7-8 years now and our softball field is quick and easy. The baseball field is a different story. We mow it about 3 times a week during high school ball season, the way they fretilize it. I bag all of infield and not usually the outfield. I have a 60 lazer and it takes me about 2 hours. Of course I don't zero turn on the field and run about half speed. Of course the coach's best friend takes care of the Cincinnati Reds' field and says he can't beleive the job we do with regular zero turns. We have won best field ever since I took over.

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