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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. MOturkey

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    Approximately how long (working solo) would you estimate it would take you to mow the following residential property? Approximately 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 acre, rolling terrain, nothing extreme. Around 40-60 mature oaks (high limbs, nothing to duck under). Nothing special on trimming, aside from the trees, just a house and separate garage, and a couple of flower beds. Corner lot, public road on 2 sides, but ditches no problem with a Z. Back fence barbed wire, no fence between property and neighbor.

    I have a pretty good idea how long it will take me, but this is the biggest residential I've ever bid, and was just curious how close I'm figuring. I know the mower might make a little difference, so please tell what you run. Thanks.
  2. o-so-n-so

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    1.5 - 1.75 hours depending on the trimming and the size of your mowing deck. I can mow my 3.8 acres in two hours with a 60" lazer....flat, just a few trees not counting the trimming.

    Might take a little longer the first couple of times...but after that you'll be more efficient.:waving:
  3. texaslawn

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    I'm new to the business, and new to the website. How is the best way to price any property? What factors do you take in to account when makeing a quote?
  4. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Factors to consider are 1. How big is the property 2. How much trimming. 3. How long it will take you with equipment you have 4. How long will it take you to get to the property.:dancing:
  5. texaslawn

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    right...what if I have college students working and it's not me. I still work full time for athletic field complex, but I'm trying to figure out how to big jobs and still make a profit after everything is paid. What about small business loans?
  6. o-so-n-so

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    You must know "all" your operating costs ( gas, equip, truck, insurance, labor, office supplies, phone, advertising, etc.) before your can determine your profits.
  7. Flex-Deck

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    2 3/4 acres with average trimming takes me 40 - 45 min and I would charge $75 per mow.
  8. texaslawn

    texaslawn LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    What if everyone else in town is charging so much more than what I figure? Should I talk with them and see what they are using to figure? or should I lowball them?
  9. dlandscaping

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    Charge what they are charging. I am someone who thinks that there is a market rate. If you can come in under this amount, charge more and make a larger profit. This is suppose to be the benefit to a lower overhead.
  10. Liquidfast

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    R U serious???????????????????????????????????????????????????

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