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    A common theme in a lot of threads when people are looking for new mowers is engine longevity with many opting for commercial grade engines with expected lifetimes of several thousand hours. The argument being that the mower will be used for 10 or twenty years. I would posit that not many here actually mow on a regular basis with mowers that old, or keep their equipment for that long. So, the question is, what is the oldest piece of mowing equipment that you have presently and still use reguarly?

    For me it is a twenty-plus year old two-stroke Lawnboy "brick head" mower. I have no idea how many hours are on the engine and its main duty over the last few years is trimming; however, I do use it to mow my entire acre-plus yard a few times a year for nostalgia or penance.
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    We'll probably keep our tractor that long or more, unless it has big problems. But for mowers, I doubt I'd keep one more than 10 years just because I'd be itching to get something newer even if it was working perfectly. To date, I think the longest I've kept one was about 7 or 8 years.
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    some of our walkers are pushing 10 years and we have only used them this long due to the initial cost of the units. on our cheaper mowers we have replaced them as often as every year considering we run every unit 1200 hours + a year
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    I just gave my son a 94 snapper 48'' walk behind i had since new has about close to 6000 hrs on it

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