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    I was talking with Kirby the other day and the discussion came up about Fescue. He has it in North Carolina and I suppose it grows all summer. I asked him how similar our weather conditions were and he told me they had 95 degree weather and 95% humidity. My question is if it grows in those conditions there then why will it not grow here in south Alabama. I know it will grow in TN. and north Alabama. I never see any here and it is only sold, I guess, for overseeding in the fall. I have some seed and will prepare a spot in my yard, I want to find out how it will do this far south.

    The question is, how many have it year round that live further south and what do you do that keeps it growing? Who lives the farthest south that has it?
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    Homer, I'm in Decatur, AL and have several fescue lawns. This past summer put a real hurt on most of them. After seeding in the fall all of them are once again looking lush and thick. ( I should say all of these lawns are densely shaded.)
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    What variety of seed do you use? Do you seed it per the bag or guesstimate coverage. Our centipede went through the same thing down here, when it's hot it's hot! I see no reason for it not to grow here if it grows in Decatur. Maybe I can start something down here!!!!!!!!!!
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    No fescue here, bahalia and flortran.(Probally both spelled wrong.) Spelling is not one of my stronger features.
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    I live in a area in C.A. were it gets up to 110 degrees but not real humid like it is there. They plant tall fescue here which is a little more heat tolerant than the others. It looks nice in the cool part of the year, but it sucks in the heat. All the new homes here have it installed in there yards because they like that it stays green all year around. Maintences people like me hate it though in the summer. If you water it to little it dies out, if you water it too much it gets phythium blight. None of the new homes have any shade to provide for it, the grass just bakes in the sun here. They don't prep the soil its all hard pan underneath water just runs of. It's terrible. I just started a new house with a fescue big fescue lawn and the landscaper didn't plant one tree in it, I know it will be fun this year. Some varities of tall fescue are Bonsai, shenandoah, sr 8200, phoneix, Meza, And Tribute.
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    I have wondered the same thing.ALL FESCUE
    comes from pasture grass specifically
    developed for diverse conditions.Ijust assumed
    that folks in ala. had found other grasses do better.
    There has been much change in fescue in that
    there is shade fescue ,drought fescue etc.
    amix of varities to cover all condition.
    It is bestplanted in fall unless you have
  7. KindGardener

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    Jay - where do you buy your seed (and why there - and why a particular brand)? Also, what do you do to treat blight?
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    HOMER--everyone here has a variety of fescue with very rare exception. you can sew it and 30 years late you still have fescue.

    the predominant variety is KY-31. it's common in pastures as well as lawns. it it a very thick-blade, "clumpy root" grass that is quite drought tolerant. it's not a very "pretty" grass.

    well, you know me...I had to kill out the KY-31 and go in eith a "fine" turf style fescue. lesco "transition blend" to be exact. absolutely beautiful. you wouldn't believe this grass my yard looked so good.

    and then we had our first week of 95 degree weather. that stuff went south, pardon the pun, get the picture.

    drought and heat tolerance will be what you are looking for on your test plot. let me know if you have trouble getting the seeds.

  9. HOMER

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    I can buy K-31 down here but somebody told me the same thing. It was clumpy and ugly. Now my question is, when it grows out/fills out, is it still clumpy or does it eventually smooth out and fill in. I can play around with my back yard, I drive over it anyway. I bought another brand, Southern Pride is the name and Emerald Green #1 is the type of seed. I planted some of this at a small commercial location along with Rye and I couldn't tell you which is which but the grass looks real good right now. I guess when it heats up I'll find out if it stays around. It's going to be mixed with Bermuda so it should be interesting. That seed was almost $10.00 for 5 lbs, is there any cheaper other than K-31? If K-31 will hold up better I'll plant that in my back yard. Anything will look better than bahai! My back yard gets all the morning sun then it is partially shaded in the afternoon until 3 or so then it's all shaded. Give me some more info on K-31, I might still be able to buy that now.
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    K-31 mixed in with other thin bladed turf grass look like crap. I have a few lawns that are completly k-31 and they actually look very nice. they are the only lawns to stay green during drought but also the only lawns that grow 8 inches a week during spring! They dont need much fertilizing~

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