How many a day?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Coumbe, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Coumbe

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    How many lawns do you do a day and how many days a week do you do it? How do you make up for rain?
  2. tiedeman

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    It all depends on the amount of crews, size of the crew, size of the lawn, etc. There are a lot of factors that are involved in this question. I don't think that someone can give a definite answer.
  3. SLS

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    Too many variables to answer this one.

    1) Size of lot's being mowed. (500 sq.ft?...or 10 acres?)

    2) Difficulty of lot. (How much trimming? Level...or mountianside?)

    3) Cutting width and speed of mower. (22" pusher or 72" ZTR?)

    4) Frequency of visits. (Once a week?...or 2 foot tall once a month?)

    5) Manpower to job ratio. (Solo operator?...or 6 man crew?)

    I make up for rain in two ways. Either I hustle up on the dry days immediately following the rain...or I simply don the raingear and mow in the rain. I prefer the latter...providing it's just a shower and there is no lightning present. Waiting out too many rain days can really cost you over a years time...providing it rains a lot where you are. It either has to be lightning, or the ground just too saturated from too many days of continued rain, to hold me back now. Yeah, sometimes rain can be a real PITA for scheduling...and the wallet. Still, it's better than experiencing an extended drought. :D
  4. MOW ED

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    Every one that has to be done.

    You will figure it out over time.

    Rain is good for growing grass. It seldom is an all day rain out for me in my area.Good Luck.
  5. Gravely_Man

    Gravely_Man LawnSite Silver Member
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    The answer you are looking for is as many as I can. The real answer is that it all depends on what day of the week it has and what my route setup is for that day.

  6. bob

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    Depends on the size of the lawn.

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