How many accounts do you have?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by griffy77, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. griffy77

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    I am running a display ad in the yellow book and have an ad in the newspaper but things seem to be going slow with new customers. However with the rain we have had here latley the ones I use to do every 2 weeks is needing cut every week. I am in the weeds bad and have lost 2 customers already because I cant keep up. :dizzy:

    I have one other guy with me and we cut 54 acounts including two condo complexs. Do you guys think this is a fair number for 2 guys to handle? We try to cut close to 10 yards a day. I am hoping things are going to slow down a little. I still would like to get some more customers as crazy as that sounds.

    DO you guys think 100 accounts would be too many for a 2 man crew to handle. That is my goal to reach, even though right now I am doing good with 54.

    What are some of the numbers you 2man crews have?
  2. ALarsh

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    Whats the average size of your account? 10 accounts per a day sounds low.
  3. Collegepro

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    I can average over 10 pretty easy on a good day and I am solo...I have 42 accounts and just mow mow mow...
    with a 2 man crew you should be able to get some stuff done unless you are doing huge commercial jobs, but if most of them are residential you should be able to keep up without losing any customers
  4. fga

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    depends on the size of the accounts, not the quantity.
    my goal is 200 weekly, with 2 helpers (with me, 3 guys total). and have time for a job or 2.
  5. Liquidfast

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    After getting 23 new accounts (commercial) and having to juggle things and trade here and there and give some away, I now have a grand total of 26 commercial and 14 residential. I can't handle anymore now but once I get into the groove, I'll add 10 high end residentials to the mix.
  6. dtrap420

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    I am now at 67 yards per week with a 4 or 5 other bi-weekly. Me and one other man often mow 20-22 and sometimes 26 yards in one day. I hope to have around 100-110 per week by the begining of next year to mow with just us two still. You have to be carefull though because if you load up to much then just one day of rain and you are screwed for the week with alot of pissed off customers. You dont have to get more accounts and get bigger to make more money you just have to be more proffitable. Get your route on a strict schedule and then you can get into a daily routine and it is like you unload and all of the sudden your leaving agian. Its just habbit of what each one of us is going to do at each account.
  7. rodfather

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    180 exactly
  8. lasher66

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    I handle 80 a week by myself. I have all small to medium with 1 or 2 large properties and are all mostly residential. So you should be able to handle 100 easily(depending on how tight your route is also) . I put in long hours in the spring because I know its going to slow down in the summer.

  9. 2 clowns mowing

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    the two of us mow 189 yards a month. could handle 300 a month signing up more every day. we try to do the twice a month customers every other week and in between we do the extra work like tilling, limb mulching and our weekly customers. we have 6 accounts every 10 days. and those accounts that call us to come in only when they need us, mowers down, or on vacation. or grass got too high for there mower. :eek:
  10. Lynch Landscaping

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    I am only 15 and don't have a truck yet so I just mow 14 in my neighborhood, I do them all in one day with no problem.

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