How Many Accounts Per Applicator?

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    When I used to work for the Lawn Company of Cape Cod, I had 440+ lawns that I had to fertilize in a 6 week period. My route was broken down in 3 ways, which included the number of customers, number of lawns, and total square footage. Each number was divided by 6 and that gave me 3 goals to hit on a daily basis. Thus, my daily number might read 14 lawns for $1,050.00 and 101,000 sq. ft. If I hit 2 of those goals every day, I would finish my route on time. I tried to hit all 3 goals everyday and that would reduce my goals for the following week. Sometimes, I'd be in a trailer park and I would be able to do 26 - 30 lawns for $1,175.00 but the square footage would be 77,000 sq. ft. Other times, I would be in a residential part of town and I would do 13 lawns for $890.00 and 114,000 sq. ft. At the end of the first week, the goals were reset and the numbers remaining would be divided by 5, thus lowering the goals. This would happen at the end of each week and I had times where I finished all of those lawns in 5 weeks and had another week to spare. In those instances, I would have to go into someone else's route and help out.

    I did not have a Ride-On Spreader and pushed everything with a Lesco 80# spreader or sprayed everything with my 300 gallon tank. I averaged about 50 hours per week.
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