How many accounts should I expect first year?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by smoofs71, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. smoofs71

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    A. I have all of my equipment purchased. (truck, walkbehind, blower, edger, hedge trimmer, weed eater) B. I am going to work by myself(start small)
    C. I am going to market hard this spring. Door hangers, knock on doors, mailers and newspaper.

    In the city the size of nashville and a million lawncare companies around, about how many accounts do you think a man could build up in the first year.
  2. turf dog

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    It is a numbers game. Just keep knocking on doors and passing out flyers. Typical response rate for flyers can be anywhere from 1 to 5 percent. Close rate is up to you and your ability to close the sale. Set your goal of say 30 customers. Then work backwards. Say you have a closing rate of 25%. And a response rate of 2%. You would need to put out about 6,000 flyers. Keep track of your response rate and close rate. So next time you will know how many flyers to put to get to the number of customers you want. As I said this is numbers game not a exact science. Good luck.

    The biggest mistake I made was when something works I stop doing it.
  3. No Job Too Small

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    Wish you the best of luck and I will tell you that it does not matter how many local companies, the quality of your work will get you more work than anything. You will have to do like we all have and start with some you really don't won't but you weed them out over time. I am in the Atlanta area and we have so many, many different companies but referrals will alway carry you through so all I can really say is always put your best foot forward because you never know when that one customer will turn into 10 from referrals.
    Good luck.:cool2: :cool2:
  4. jmq

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    You are right! The number of companies or people in pick-ups with a lawn mower and broom does not matter!!! The work will speak for itself! In my first year, I had a total of 135 clients.....I carried 67 to the second year because the others either wanted their grass cut at their leisure (every 18 days then every 11 days):confused: , they thought I was a call service, or they liked to put there grass in lay-a-way (My bill is $120 here is $70 and I will get you the balance later!):nono: . I would encourage you to make sure you have signs on your truck so that when people see your work, they can write down you phone number for a quote. I gave my customers a discount on a cut or two once I picked up referrals that I serviced at least 3 times. Good Luck!
  5. fiveoboy01

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    Hard to say. If you do good work, and treat your customers the way they want to be treated, you could get a lot of work, and a bunch of referrals.

    Do crappy work and treat the customer like you don't give a crap, and you'll get very little business and zero referrals.

    Do NOT wait till spring to start advertising. IMO, start now. Or, if you don't want to right this second, late december/early january at the latest.
  6. metro36

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    What size walk behind mower did you buy?
  7. Uranus

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    "6000 flyers" No way! With door hangers and adds in papers there is now way that this guy should buy 6000 flyers and try to get them all out there. This guy will have no legs left for weed wacking by the time he's done delivering them. I did 1 newspaper add and 500 direct mailings and got alot more than 30 customers. I'd only go with 1000 at the most, 1 or 2 newspaper adds and tell everyone you know that you are looking for business. (for example- My mother-in-law owns her own hair salon and one of her regular customers knew I was starting up and while this customer was at a nail salon she mentioned that I was starting up to an old lady who was there too and she called me. I signed her, she refered me to her nieghbor and her daughter called to. So I got three accounts just by my mother-in-law mentioning it. TELL EVERYONE!
  8. turf dog

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    I agree 6000 flyers is crazy. I was just showing with some assumptions if you use flyers how to track. By all means word of mouth is the best way to gain accounts.

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