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  1. M & L

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    20-24 last year...35 fall clean ups last year...
    This year 48. 3 sweet commercials...
    No clean ups ????
  2. WenzelOSLLC

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    Even if it went down a bit but you had a higher over all income you'd be doing alright.
  3. firefighter38310

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    I have 11 residential yards, 2 churches and 2 commercial. This year I only lost one customer; she told me her 15 y/o son was going to get off his butt and mow the lawn. I didn’t grow any this last year but like most the economy is bad here. I could handle more but I insist on quality and I also work as a firefighter and part time ER Nurse. I plan to increase business some next year by some advertising and I already have few hits now. I don’t do the volume most of you do in here but I really love being outside and landscaping is a huge stress release for me. I do have the same stress as any small business and I deal with the heat and drought but I am not in a building firefighting and not at a wreck scene or the busy trauma center.
    All jobs have their stressosr.

    JDKSERVLLC LawnSite Member
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    I mow 35 residential accounts and 1 commercial weekly this year. Last year I was at 18 residential and 1 commercial weekly and about 100 bank owned per week. I thought last year that bank owned properties were great revenue, and it was, until I realized that the revenue wasn't worth the wear and tear on the equipment and the potential for equipment failure that jeopardized my own 18/1 from being done that week. After dealing with that situation a couple times we made a business decision to get out of that market and focus on building our own portfolio. We still provide the occasional P&P or REO service to the foreclosure market but no more grass cutting. This year we were blessed with more landscaping projects that helped off-set the revenue loss from the year prier and its’ really been a great year!!
  5. Southern Pride

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    I'll be sending you a PM about the fire dept. there in Adamsville. (In EMT school here in Memphis.)

    I see you literally double your business size in a season like me. I went from 3-25 this season. I was just going to see what your key ingredient was to doubling up. For me, it was 80% who I know/word of mouth, and 20% flyers :dizzy:

    JDKSERVLLC LawnSite Member
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    SPride, I added to my base using a multitude of marketing campaigns. Craigslist, flyering, mailers, word of mouth, a networking organization, and referrals brought us all our new clients. I’m learning about the power of networking and let me tell you, nothing brings in more opportunity than this. It’s a big commitment but the potential for new business is huge!!
  7. Southern Pride

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    I have used literally all of the same marketing strategies, and networking, word of mouth, and who you know bring opportunities like NO other. I was lucky enough to know enough people to get a good customer base. Somehow have to keep that going. It works so well it almost completely discourages me from flyers. I'll do craigslist but post it for my immediate town, Cordova. So if I do get a call I know that person is relatively close and worth answering.

    Most of my networking is done through my parents friends. Middle aged people of course. Gotta keep churnin' that pot.

    JDKSERVLLC LawnSite Member
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    Must be raining in TN like it is here in MI. SPride your reply was really quick.

    Ya our networking have opened some doors for us that we weren’t sure how to open last year. It’s brought in some great opportunities. We defined our target market and developed our marketing strategies around it over the winter and 80% of our new client base is in our defined target market. Our networking chapters know us and what our target market is and armed with that information they have been able to sell for us and our RFQ's have tripled in 6 months. We don't get them all but we're getting our company out there!!
  9. lawnprosteveo

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    25 residentials. Im down about 10 accounts from last year! Except for the old folks going to homes and people moving, the ones I cut werent very good accounts.
  10. jwsland

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    25 residential mowing accounts. Average 1-2 acres, largest ones are over 10. Some days I only cut 4 lawns, they are still profitable though.

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