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  1. rusty_keg_3

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    "Crew A"- 20-30 per day; 5 days a week.
    "Crew B"- 20-25 Mon and Fri, 20 Tues, 15 wed, 15 Thurs.

    Bi weekly 2 day out of town route 450 miles round trip, 57 lawns...
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  2. NC_Irrigator

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    We've been growing every year-

    With that said, we service somewhere between 700 to 750 or so irrigation clients

    There's someone new calling every week if not sometimes a few a week.

    60% of our revenues is installation and the rest is service

    80% of our installation revenue is commercial - Athletic parks, office bldgs, banks, fast food restaurants, government, private communities

    We've worked with several of the top 10 largest GC's in the country, for NC based projects that they build, mainly in the Raleigh-Durham market.
  3. jeezy

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    So far for 2014 we have grown 7% cumulative in all divisions with our goal being 10% so we're getting close...

    Commercial Lawn Crew - 4 Men - 45 lawns - With two accounts taking half a day to complete. The rest are primarily shopping centers, office complexes etc.

    Residential Lawn Crew - 2 Men - 95 lawns - Lawns with the bulk of it being in the middle of the week.

    Fertilizing - 1 Certified Man - ~62 lawns per week. - Works only Monday thru Wednesday each week and spends TH/F working as the much needed handyman

    Landscape Maintenance - 3 Men - ~5-10 jobs per week depending on size - Monday thru Friday.

    Landscape Install - 3 Men - ~1-4 jobs per week depending on size - Monday thru Friday.

    Each lawn crew member is paid salary per week to help payroll. Residential lawn care accounts are all billed upfront to help with payroll especially for April and May.

    We primarily use referrals from our current residential customers to get new accounts. We also have established relationships with 9 property management companies.
  4. Tanum

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    We are up too for 2014, I broke my leg on the 4th of January so I bought and read Tony Bass's E Myth book. Changing how I work completely, I was a bit cynical about it but boy do I regret not buying it years ago. So far this year we are up €80k in new contracts.
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  5. soloscaperman

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    Same spot as you, I will try kindle to download it.
  6. Mowerboy04

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    200 accounts

    20 commercial ranging from as small as a burger king up to 30 acre.

    180 homes ranging from small to 6 acre.

    2 mowing crews
    -2 man cuts homes all week
    -4 man cuts commercials Monday-thursday morning, then homes Thursday afternoon and Friday.
  7. Utah Lawn Care

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    I started the 2014 season with 14 clients. I am up to nearly 30. It's getting tough to do on the side solo. The extra 4500/month is nice though.
  8. Patriot Services

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    Amazing how things can change when you least expect them to. Family problems suddenly come to rest on your shoulders and a families look to you for help. Luckily it all workded out and even my 70 year father in law has been a real assett. I know some guys say anybody but my family ,but I couldn't imagine doing without them now. We have become extremely diverse and the future looks rosy.
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  9. Tanum

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    Update: Using 'Tony Bass's system' we are really up. Three new employees.
    Last week we got 15 housing estates which hadn't been cut since last November! Got a contract to landscape 600 houses over next two years, plus open spaces & fencing. For another developer we signed contract for landscaping 90 houses over next year. Signed up new maintenance contracts to the value of €200k, with another 100k potentially.
    Gearing up: Cat micro digger, Ransomes Parkway plus, 5 Orec pro mowers, Fuso canter truck.
    This book has changed my business beyond anything I could ever imagine. Buy 'The E Myth Landscape Contractor' it will change your life too!
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  10. Utah Lawn Care

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    4 moths later I am mowing 43 lawns solo while holding a full-time job. I have been hitting 7000/month. A couple years ago I would have never guessed this was possible.

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