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How Many Apllications


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The first application in spring with a pre-emergent for crabgrass, is typically applied granular with a spreader. Cheaper because it is fast--2000 sqft per minute for an experienced young guy. You will probably want a small spreader, for small and medium size lawns, (and steep hills). Weight under 20 pounds and 50 pound capacity with air-filled tires is about right. Easy to load it onto your pickup and fits in a small footprint--so there is room in your truck bed for many bags of fert.
Your fall weed control should eliminate dandelions--however--new customers with dandelions and other weeds will need weed control. This usually means do a second pass over the lawn with a backpack sprayer. Takes 10 extra minutes, but the quality of the result is high. If no backpack for the new weedy lawns--then skid sprayer and hose--or Steelgreen with Trimec.
You will probably want an electric backpack before long.

Sigh...I was on a walk yesterday and I ran into a guy just standing near the street with a lawn mower. From a distance of 6 feet I said hello. He said he was waiting for the police. His truck parked a half block away was just stolen! Brown FordF150.
Do not leave the key in your truck!
If you are like me and like to listen to the radio as you write the bill--find another way.
Scares me to think of the many times I left my key in the truck.
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