How many applications a year????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jt5019, May 2, 2004.

  1. jt5019

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    I dont get into the pesticide/fertilizer side of things (not licensed)Yesterday i pull up to a new account and the grass is about 8 inches tall and it was just mowed 5 days earler.The owner comes outside and asks me how many times a year he should fertilize.I told him i dont really get into that end, but i believe around 4 times is pretty common.He tells me tru green chemlawn is doing 8 to 9 applications on his lawn :eek: it seems like every other week they are putting something down he said.Isnt this overkill and just asking for the lawn to burn up?I told him he should look somewhere else because i think hes getting robbed.He really wanted me to do it for him but im not taking the chance of being fined.
  2. Josey Wales

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    8 or 9 applications per year isn't necessarily bad. It totally depends on what is being applied. If it were 8 or 9 individual fertilizations then I'd be suspicious but surely some of those apps are preemergents, soil amendments, grub control etc.....

    Each invoice from TGCL should show exactly what was applied at the time.
  3. Green Dreams

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    I am in SE Texas and my program will be a 7 app one. That way I can get out to in time to stop any chinch bug activity before it causes too much trouble....
  4. jt5019

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    I do have to admit the lawn did look good and was growing like hell,but with all the rain we have been getting that was expected.I guess if it looks good and the customer is willing to pay no harm done...
  5. ArizPestWeed

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    Do y'all need a license to apply fert?
  6. steve in Pa.

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    we do a 5 step fert & squirt with a grub control optional for 6.
  7. mr scag

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    sounds like tru green,the solution to all problems...another application !
  8. kppurn

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    Same here. Usually one blanket broadleaf app. when needed and the rest of the time spot spray.

    It really depends on what they are applying. If they are putting down a pound of N for 9 applications, you may have problems. If it's just water, you should be fine.:)
  9. bobbygedd

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    if the applications are done properly and timely, as well as watering, minimal applications are neccesary(but i aint tellin the customer)
  10. Green Dreams

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    LOL Scag...the stories I could tell...

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