How many bags?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by michindi, Jan 28, 2004.

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    WOW....You can fit at least a yard in the wheelbarrow? With bulk it takes three and it weighs a decent amount triple an overloaded wheelbarrow mustn't be too light.
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    ok here is the answer I find to be the most productive to my company. For me buying bags is WAYYYYY better, not even close for 95% of my work and here is why. The cost of bags from a Home depot/lowes/landscape shop run about $2.25 ( don't start with the sales- that will only make my point stronger) Yes the price of bulk is much cheaper (2/3 cheaper most of the time) But here is the reason. I normally have a landscape crew of 4 or less people -sometime 2. The labor needed to put down a few yards of mulch is going to be double then a bag. You can lay down say 2 yards of mulch out of bags in minute compared to the set up you need for bulk. More people, wheel barrels ( buckets ) clean up the street when finished all takes time.
    Dont get me wrong when you have more people there and it is a day job great go with bulk but I would rather save time go down the street pick up a pallet of mulch with 2 guys, knock it out in an hr and leave.

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