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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Greencutsny, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Greencutsny

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    OK heres the thing Ive been sending out direct mailers since about march and still have yet to receive one call back:hammerhead: :confused: :confused: :cry: so far to date i have mailed out close to 200 mailers and still nothing,idk what I'm doing wrong i did everything that i was told to do and i still have no calls.......more mailers going out today

    what r your thoughts what should i do
  2. Grits

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    You have only mailed out 200 mailers since March? That's the problem. You have to mail more. 200 isn't enough. I try to do at least that many per week. What kind of mailer? Postcard? What does it look like? Post it up so it can be critiqued.
  3. Greencutsny

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    this is what the flyer looks like ,
    View attachment greencut flyers.doc

  4. echeandia

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    I can hand deliver 100 door hangers in an hour. You need to get to work.
  5. ChadsLawn

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    200 is nothing.. Ive erad many times on here where its 1 call per 1000.. But last year I did 1500 flyers and got 10 calls, landed all of them..
  6. Vikings

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    If your ad is half decent and relevant you should average 1-2%.

    I'm putting out 30,000 flyers, inserted into daily newspaper and expect 300 calls and since I put prices on my flyers, I expect 300 jobs. (but I can live with 200 spring clean ups)
  7. Uranus

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    Looks fine to me. What areas are you targeting? If your sending them to the developments, well guess what, So is everyone else. Maybe bad timming? I'd be sending out more and give them a little time. I've had peple call 6 months after I sent them out call up for mowings.

    Good luck
  8. xpnd

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    Short answer is "0". For every 1000 drops you should get about ten calls. Out of those ten you should be getting at least 3 customers. If you are getting more than 70% in customers, your prices need to be adjusted upward. T be effective you need to drop at least 5K-10K in a week. Anything over 10K and you will be slammed with estimates and lose the opportunity to provide an estimate. Also you should hit the same area two weeks later. Attention span is sort these days. The more often they see it the more likely you will get call. Check the weather. If you are in for a cold snap, delay sending them. No one is thinking lawn care when there is white crap on the ground.

    Don't worry about having the perfect piece of advertisement. Be clear, concise and simple. Adhere to the KISS rule. Have your ad material critique by a ten year old. f the ten year old gets confused, chances are 50% of the adults will be also, 40% won't take the time to figure it out and the other 10% will toss it. You're not selling a Lexus. It doesn't have to be perfect or high end just crisp and clear.

    The one thing I would change is the expiration time for the clean-ups. Instead of the date, I would substituteLimited TIme. That way you can end it whenever you want and without dated material, you don't have to chuck any left over when it time to start up again next year.
  9. Grits

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    The flyer isn't that good and you didn't put out enough.
  10. Vikings

    Vikings LawnSite Bronze Member
    from canada
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    Your best bet might be to take your flyer (I'm assuming your printing them off yourself) to a real Printer and tell them this is basically what I want to say. Ask them to design and print it, black ink on yellow paper is very cheap.

    Word isn't a good program for flyers imo, plus you advertised Spring clean up, Fall clean up and Yard clean ups, lol.

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