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    What would be the average number of calls to expect on a good flyer if you put out 1,000? Has anyone ever tried calling people out of the phone book to pick up work?If so was it worth the time?
  2. topsites

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    3-4 calls per 1000 flyers, but it varies, that's a long term average...
    You could get as many as 10-20 and as little as 0, but over the long term, 3-4 per 1000, roughly.
    Out of those, you can expect to close maybe half, or less.

    I wouldn't dare telemarket, I've never tried it.
  3. ncls

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    We have 20-40000 flyers passed out every year. Half ae passed out in a certain neighborhood. Very small lawns, 18.00 per. But we can do 5-7 per hour.

    We average about 1% return. And that means a phone call. Doesn't meean we land the job.
  4. Raven386

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    i passed out 50 and got 4 calls.
  5. StBalor

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    I usually get 10 calls per 1000 flyers. Out of those 10 calls, i am lucky to get 4 jobs.
  6. GravyTrain

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    I just recently passed out about 900 or so door hangers (I bought 2500 and still have many to go). I just recently closed on my 11th contract customer and have had 3 one time deals which might turn into all summer contracts. I would say I've closed on roughly half the phone calls, with many of them requesting my services and then the day I'm supposed to show up, they call and say they don't need it anymore.
  7. bigmudder77

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    well i passed out about 100 and got 1 call (no job) ran an ad in the small paper 2 calls (no jobs) one guy wanted 3 acres mowed for around 50 a week i told him $175. put an ad in a big paper and got 3 calls 2 one time jobs and one weekly mowing. then called the next day and told me some one could do it for $20 1/2 acre for $20 they can have it. so i spent about $120-$140 in advertising and i didnt really make **** $20 the one job and $30 the other both jobs had sticks in a pile and all i had to do with put them in my truck and go 5 mins for the first and 8 for the next. so far i got nothing for the rest of the summer
  8. xtrim

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    It also depends on the competition around you. I passed out close to 3000 flyers and didn't get one call. Later on I talked to one of my customers in one those neighborhoods and he told me that he gets an average of 2 flyers/doorhangers on his door every week. Seems like everyone and their moms are getting into the lawn care business.

    My strength lies on word of mouth advertising, my current customers like the fact that I do more than just mowing, the competition barely have the right equipment for mowing.
  9. GreenN'Clean

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    I never had any luck with handing out fliers I always run an ad in the newspaper and keeps me busy all summer

    GREENTIMEJG LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the input .

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