How many copies of a service agreement should be sent?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CK82, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. CK82

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    Probably a stupid question, but how many copies should I be sending to my customers of a service agreement. I usually send one and they can photo copy it or I will send or drop them a copy once it is signed. The reason I send only one copy is because I always have changes made prior to a signed and returned service agreement. My brother runs a construction company and said, "Good luck ever winning a legal case for payment for your services, if you didnt provide your customer with two copies, a hard copy for themselves and a hard copy returned to your company from the customer."
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    I used to do carbon copies, now everything is through email, I mail or give them the contract they sign it and email it back to me by scanning it into their email, if they are not computer savvy well then I have to go with mail, Contracts are a difficult thing, their is always away for a customer to get out of it, my customer gets one copy, and that's the copy whether they print it out on their computer or I send it through mail , I get the original copy, and since I print them on my computer, I have a folder for each customer with all their info, and the original copy signed or not, if mailed then I scan the copy into their file and put the hard copy in the file
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    Go with the 3 part carbon less ones. Keep the pink one and send out the other 2 they keep the yellow and send in the white one.
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    I get 3 copies signed. 1 for the customer, 1 for me in Office records, and 3rd is for a fireproof safe that i keep all copies of contracts,lics,ect incase there is a flood/fire/earth comes crashing down, i still have signed contracts.

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