How many Cu. Yds in a step side?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mkwl, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. mkwl

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    Well, I will probably be getting my Grandpa's 1996 Chevy 1500 4x4 LS Silverado extended cab with 6' step side bed as my first truck (next winter). My question is...does anyone else out there use a p/u with a step side bed for work? How many cu yds of material could I get into the bed if I put 3' sides on it? It has the 4.3L gas engine in it, is this enough power to move around a lot of mulch (however many cu yds I can fit in the bed)? I know this isn't the ideal work truck, but'll be my gift from my Grandparents for my 17th B-day :cool2: :weightlifter: .
  2. PGA

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    Depends on what your putting in it. Obviously mulch will take up more space. I think if its mulch probably 2-2.5 cubic yards...topsoil? probably 4 yards.
  3. PGA

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    What weighs more? A pound of rocks or a pound of feathers?
  4. scott's turf

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    Not to be a wise ass but I am sure that you know how to calculate the volume of your truck, if not what are my tax dollars paying for? Assuming the truck be is 4' wide 6'X4'X3'=72ft^3. There are 27 ft^3 per 1 yard therefor you will be able to carry 2.66 yards level to the top.
  5. Ray&Christine

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    I'm not sure about mulch but I would not be putting more than 1 yard of soil in a 1/2 ton. With sides on your box you might fit 2 yards in there but just watch the weight so you don't overload the truck too much.
  6. old dog 80

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    You hit it.What is it licensed for?There is no way you will haul 4 yards of
    topsoi-that is 4 ton or more.Look for gross weight allowed on eah axle ,have the truck weighed and go from there!
  7. mkwl

    mkwl LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I was primarily thinking about how much mulch the truck could carry. Does anyone know the payload of this truck, and the weight of an average yard of mulch?
  8. PGA

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    The back of a 1/2 ton could easily hold 2 yards of mulch. Topsoil? It's got the space but I wouldnt do it.
  9. Roger

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    The door sticker gives you the information on GVWR for your vehicle. The landscape supply yard will be able to tell you about the mulch (weight/cu yd)you intend to use.

    You are the only one with access to your door sticker and the one who has a business relationship with your supplier for mulch information.
  10. sgallaher

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    A 1500 with a 6' bed that is not a wide a a normal 6' bed I would say only 1 yard.

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