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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hi-Output, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Just want to get an idea of how many customers other LC companies carry. Part-time, full-time, doesn't't matter. How big, residential or commercial. This would be for mowing only. I'm part-time and am carrying about 20 residential and 1 commercial. The residentials are:

    50% 2000- 5000 SF, $20 p/cut (this is minimum charge)
    40% 1/4- 1/2 Acre Lots, $25-30 p/cut
    10% 1Acre Lots, $35 p/cut

    The commercial is about 2 Acres, $80 p/cut

    My gross this year is $13000

    If I hold prices like this could I make it full time? I think I could get more for the acre lots. Maybe $55?

    Thanks guys. Let's see you numbers and let me know what you think of mine. SEE YA!
  2. Hi-Output

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    Oh, btw I use a Scag Tiger Cub. Thanks!
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    We are a full time co. w/ 10 employees. This year we had 148 weekly mowing accts. 20 of those are commercial accounts. of those 20 accts. 9 are over 6 acres w/ our 2 largest at 27 mowable acres each. Our residentials are around 1/2 acre on average w/ the largest at 4 acres.
    Our mowing division consists of 6 full time guys.

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    We have about 42 lawns with about five of those being commercial and the rest are residential. Most residentials are 1/2 acre to 1acre except two that are five acres. The biggest commercial account we have is 7 acres, one is about 1 acre and the others are small businesses about 1/8 acre. My brother and I run the business mainly it is just us two but sometimes we have help on large landscape jobs, we both go to college in the spring and fall two days a week and usually take the summer off. So we would probably be considered part-time. We are trying to stay small until we finish college. Our minimum price is $35.00 with most of our residential (1/2 to 1 acre) costing between $45 and $60.
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    At least! If you look at your current pricing, it makes no sense for you to even bother with acre lots. Just do 2 of the 2K sq.ft. lots and you're ahead of the game (although I also would't do any lawns for $20, but it's certainly better then doing an acre for $35 !!!!).
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    85 accounts. Mostly residentials and a couple of commercial. I have a couple of churches that pay a little better than average. I am a solo operator and hope to expand to around 110 accounts next year. I will need a helper in the spring, but I think I can handle that amount alone in the dead of summer. I will definitely be maxed out.
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    Gogetter, I see your not too far from me. Maybe you've read my post to the etwman where I tell him about how the customers in my area seem to be poor, but live in $250,000 homes. One customer tried to let me cut their 1 acre lot for a month. Here's what happened:

    "Oh we can't afford $55 to have our yard mowed. All is we want is our grass mowed. We'll have to do it our selves- see ya! So I leave and a week goes by. Sure enough they mow it them selves, I saw them on a Sat. 3 weeks go by- same thing. Finally I stop and ask them how much they would pay? They said we can afford $25. I said there is no way. I can do it for $35 just till the end of the season. I need the work. They said $35 is still more than they can afford, but they would try it for a month. Well, a month goes by and sure enough they have troble paying. I can clearly see that they just were'nt jewing me down. They said "Sorry we can't afford to do this we should have never called. We don't want to, but we're going to have to do it ourselves. Thanks for what you did do though, you did a good job." This is the case with people all the time. Where's their money? It's in their $250,000 home. If they can afford a home like this, than an extra $1500 a year to keep their nice home looking good by a pro should not break them. Right? What Am I missing?

    What do you think? I've been mowing part-time for years now. I can't seem to get customers to bite for more than about $30 an hr. (I can't go full-time on that kind of money. That does't even come out to $15 an hr spread out through the winter with my overhead. I might as well just keep working at the factory for $15.14 an hr!) Though my $20 yards I'm averaging $40-45 only because they're all on top of each other. Any ideas? Thank you for your help.
  8. the scaper

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    I'm not familiar with your area but I would think if they live in $250,000 homes, they're not poor. Mabey not rich either but they're sure not poor and should be able to afford $30-$40 to get their yards taken care of . Your prices sound on the low side to me. Are there other areas or mabey another town nearby that you could try? If they cant meet the price that you need to get then I would certainly let them do it themselves. If nothing else they will come to understand ,by way of their sweat, why you charge the price that you do. Dont undercut yourself, keep looking for the better accounts.
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    We currently carry 155 clients per month with 5 body corporate, 20 commercials, 5 acerages and the rest residentials. I have 3 employees and work 5 1/2 days per week and will gross around 80 to 85k this year.

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