How Many Customers Lost Due to COVID

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Tracer, Apr 8, 2020.

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    Turf Tracer

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    6-7man hrs per cut for a church. Your churches there got allot turf area. I could knock off any church in the area here in an hr. at most
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  2. Mowing monkey.

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    I mow a church that takes 2 hours with a 72” zero turn. There’s a couple more in town that’s similar sized.
  3. BigJlittleC

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    Well just got this. 10 unit condo with pricing starting at $400k 3 years ago. Did the install and maintenance last 3 years.

    Our HOA has decided to handle the lawn maintenance in an effort to save money. Please reach out in the fall regarding snow removal.
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  4. TPendagast

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    For now

    depends on how long this lockdown business lasts
    The longer it goes the less useful your mowing will be
    People will drop like flies in 6 weeks if people can’t go back to work
    But once they go back to work they’ll be back

    don’t burn any bridges
    Try to make it a “postponement of service agreement” rather than a full drop of services

    that why they’re back once the pay is back
  5. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
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    Jesus must be planning his next surmon on the mount there, with that much real estate.
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  6. Ridin' Green

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    There'a church not very far from my home that must be on at least 20 acres, and they mow almost all, if not all of it. They do it themselves with a few different mowers.
  7. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Lost 1(front yard of a neighboring customer $20). They are working from home so they have the time to mow the front along with the back now - no big deal.

    Phone hasn’t stopped ringing, installs, maintenance, etc. We have a “stay at home order” in place til the end of April. Seems like my phone has been ringing more since that went into effect on Monday.

    I’ve signed up a lot, mixed between apps, mowing, landscaping, and tractor work.

    I have about 3-4 customers who have been affected by the virus - financially. Like I said above - 1 has cancelled and the rest I have offered to work with them on payments and they are good with that. There is only a handful of my clients that actual own a mower so I’m not expecting any large cancellations but I expect to be deferring or making a few payment arrangements - which isn’t a big deal given the circumstances.

    GSO LAWNEN4CER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Two accounts they were 3 plus year customers. Picked up 6 new accounts.
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  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I'd say ive lost one account due to the beer virus. And it was a slow paying account too. Calls are coming in like normal. People IMO want to put this crap behind them. Too bad the media and gov's wont let them.
  10. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

    Smith Lawn & Landscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    Lost one gained one so far.

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