How many cuts a season?? On Average?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Slcareco, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Slcareco

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    Hey Im just starting out in the own portion of this business and im working on my contract and was wondering how many cuts a season I should be charging? My guess is 28 cuts, 4 cuts a month?? April 1-oct 31 What are the best days to cut, during the week? or weekend?? or should i include that as an option in my contract? help me thanks very much in advance!
  2. klink34

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    it should be 28 cuts for that time frame, and after that you go every 2 weeks or what i put is just on a needed basis.
  3. Slcareco

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    thanks for the help!
  4. andersonmowing23

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    You have just about the same mowing schedule as me. Mine varies a little. I have never started later then April 1, On the other side tho I have never been done by October 31. I usually go a little into November, This last mowing season I mowed almost all the way through November. Remember in the spring time sometimes you have to mow ever 5 days if you don't want the grass to grow on you really fast. Other then that I think you are right on the money. Another thing I have noticed is sprinkler systems and fertilizing really helps during the dry months, It helps to prevent from having to mow bi weekly.
  5. Slcareco

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    gotchya well thank you so ill just have a set price x 28 weeks and any additional mowing as needed will be billed seperate...
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Those guys are all south of you so they start sooner then us. I have never started weekly cuts the first week of April or the second for that matter. Basically spring clean ups will eat up all your time in the beginning of the year march is no guarantee I plan to start march 1st but last year with the weather I got a whole 3 days in for the month of march. As for Oct you can go to the 31st but you may find as I do that the leaves start to get so bad you end up breaking even at best by week 3 in Oct so I typically stop cutting around then and only my fastest growing lawns remain. 26 weeks is more likely what your cutting season will be. As I said you can write off like 4 of those weeks at the beginning and the end but we do get 2 months each season with 5 cut weeks let me tell you those are sweet billing cycles.
  7. every week, april 1 to nov 30

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