How many Ex Trugreen Employees???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by boohoo, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. boohoo

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    Manager there for a few years and have seen staff, even people with 18 years of service treated like dirt. What goes around comes around. They report around .03% growth at best and thats due to lowering prices to sell at any price to boost revenues.

    How many ex Trugreeners out there?
  2. Runner

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    There are a few on here that will respond. It's interesting, all the stuff they say. I have a friend that had an ex-trubrown manager working for him. The guy told us that at one of their training sessions that they were told. "We are NOT a lawn service. We are a MARKETING company."
  3. bubble boy

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    bad lawn company. good marketing company.
  4. boohoo

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    Exact Quote. "We are a Marketing company not a lawn company".
    Was told many times we were a Marketing Company who just happened to sell Lawn Care. Do many know there biggest cost branch by branch across the nation is Marketing. No kidding... higher than Fertilizer & Production costs.
  5. Tony Harrell

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    I'm an ex Ecolab employee, does that count considering Ecolab owned them for a while. I still have a urine test kit somewhere around all this mess. Different chemicals, same attitudes.
  6. Tony Harrell

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  7. Darb

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    Years ago I was suckered in allowing them to come by and treat my yard... along with my next door neighbor. Well, one day I found a notice on my door telling me what they did to my yard. They claimed to have put down fertilizer on my grass. However, there was no trace of any of the particles on the sidewalk. So I looked closer on the yard.... nothing there. I called them up and talked to the guy that said he put down the fertilizer. I asked him what type of fertilizer he put down and he said granular. I told him he was a lying thief. He then said that he determined that I didn't need the fertilizer, which was crazy as I had bare spots in my yard at the time. Again I called him a lying thief. I told him I better not ever see him on my property and I was going to my neighbor's house and tell them about what happened. I also told him if I saw him anywhere around my street I would go to those neighbors and tell them.

    When I went to my neighbor's house to tell him, he told me that he had already called and cancelled because while he was at work TruGreen came by and "treated" his yard. What the guy didn't know was his wife was home and was watching him the whole time... she said he pulled an empty spreader out of his truck and proceeded to run around the yard with the empty spreader and then claimed to have spread fertilizer. The guy did spread fertilizer but not on the lawn. I called back and talked to the manager... he was not much help either... claimed he would refund my money... I never saw it though.

    Just my experiences with TruGreen.
  8. MikeLT1Z28

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    hoss and i both know numerous people who used to use them here. one lady sat and home with her garage door down and the guy got out of the truck, walked around the yard looking at it, got his clipboard out and left a bill for all kinds of stuff he never did. cancelled them fast she did.

    we are also seeing there trucks for doing lawncare (their joint thing with home depot) around town now. they do a yard next to one of mine. looked like total crap when they mowed it, and they were using exmark wb's and ztr's.

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