How many gallons expect employe to spray?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by replenish&subdue, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. replenish&subdue

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    When I sprayed I could spray 400 gallons with little problem. I'm wanting to be fair with a goal for my employees to reach but wonder at teir results. How many gallons or do you have a quota or know what others require for their employees to spray out. I have about 300 customers all within 10 minutes of my office. I have a 500 gallon tank which I fill in a couple minutes by fire hydrant. We spray 3 gallons/minute pressure.
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    What's the average lawn size?
    I assume the routes are pretty tight being all within 10 minutes of the office..
    What are you spraying? Is it just fill the tank with one product and spray? So the tech comes in in the morning, fills and goes?
    Have you run the route? What's reasonable for you?
  3. Turfdoctor1

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    i am a solo operator, so I don't know what to expect from employees. but, I can tell that 400 gallons seems reasonable to me. I would think 5 acres or so should be very reasonable.

    If you don't mind me asking, do you do other services as well? If not, how do you keep multiple employees busy with 300 accounts?
  4. replenish&subdue

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    We spray 3x's,fertil. 3x's,lime 1x. Fescue seed about 50 in fall,about 10 in spring.We do fescue fertil.3x's,spray 2x's.We have a shrub program w/2x fertil.,3 x's insecticide,1 dormant oil. Also a boxwood program 2 x's.
  5. RigglePLC

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    500 gallons, 3 gallons per minute--that is 166 miutes spraying time. What do they do the rest of the day? LOL! 13 to 15 lawns per day would work fine, that is only about 390 gallons. But a lot depends on time needed for filling tank and bookwork, clean up, wash truck. A lot depends on driving time. If they drive less than 50 miles, easy. If they drive 150 miles--very busy day. Get some mapping software or use Yahoo maps. It will show you the driving time for each trip with stops. Figure the time to spray or spread the grass. You should quickly get a feel for how much time a route takes. Be sure your tech records the exact time when he starts each job--you will be able to spot those long lunch breaks pretty quick. Remember TruGreen has a quota of about $1000 per day--they expect about 150 to 200,000 sqft per day.
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    First, I think you need to consider the size of the yards. With 500 gallons @ 3gal/min you would be able to spray around 167000 sq ft. If the yards are big, say 15000 sq ft yards then you get around 11 - 12 yards a day. The smaller the yard the number goes up. I would try to mix the yards up with small and large to get a $ amount that will pay for the employee and where he can do it and not rush.
    What I'm trying to say is make sure you get your moneys worth out of him. Do not pay the guy to do $300 a day and pay him $500 a week.
  7. LawnTamer

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    400 gallons is a big day for me, but I spray 2gpm and do mostly small lawns, about 5k. When I have big jobs, I spray a lot more. I did an 8 acre park once, sprayed well over 600 gallons, (this was with a 200 gal spacesaver) and I was still done for the day by 3pm.

    On a normal day, I spray about 300-350 gallons, which is 30-35 lawns, of course many of those people are receiving other services too, like Dormant oil for their shrubs, or perimeter spray for bugs, which is not included in that 300-350 gal.
  8. greendoctor

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    My record is over 10 acres from a skid mount and boom. 100 gallons per acre, start at 10 AM , done about 3PM. 1000 gallons total, refill every 100 gallons.
  9. grassman177

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    i thnk 400 is a good number, for aaverage lawns and stuff. ia hve done 600 myslef and i was pretty damn tired from that one, hence no more tank for me, rideons now. but 4oo is very attainable.
  10. HoseJockey

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    what area of Memphis do you generally run in?

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